Julia, Eliminate the Hot Air and Emissions

There was a letter in the Cairns Post on 24th March this year.

Picture: Ray Savage

Queensland Education Minister Cameron Dick said (CP-22/3/11) that 400 solar panels installed in kindergartens will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. 
Solar panels rely on silica that is mined at Cape Flattery and the Greens say we have to close that to save the environment..
Aluminium for the framing comes from Weipa and the Greens say close that to save the environment and declare Wild Rivers.
 Copper and lead for the electrical wiring and batteries come from Mount Isa and the Greens say close that to stop polluting the environment.   
The steel for infrastructure comes from ore in the Pilbara and the Greens say close that to save …  the environment.  Refineries and smelters in every state produce all of the above and the Greens say close them to stop carbon dioxide emissions. 
If they wish to add wind generation then add oil refineries which produce the resins and plastics for the propellers, lime stone quarries for the concrete and the list goes on.  One of the highest sources of carbon dioxide would be the expired air from our population every time we breathe and therefore the greatest polluting industry in Australia would be politics.  So if we were to get rid of Miss Gillard, Mr Brown and company and close Canberra there would not be any need for a carbon tax.

Picture above from News Limited whose Malcolm Farr wrote re the rally: 
 The No Carbon Tax rally, said to number 3000 protesters by organisers, made clear who they thought were the heroes and villains of the climate change policy debate. However, rival group GetUp! said the police had estimated the crowd at 1500.Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/nation-today-with-malcolm-farr/story-e6frfkvr-1226026634430#ixzz1HTCT9rBC                Picture from News Ltd

Did you check that Malcolm or just reprint the story from GetUp's Sam McLean?  Sam was interviewed by Channel Nine/2GB's Ross Greenwood who asked where he had got the 1500 figure. Sam said it was from the police but Ross countered by saying that they had checked with the police and they had done no count. Sam countered that it was the Federal Police and Ross again said they had checked and the Federal police had no official count. Sam then said he was chatting with one officer and that officer had suggested the figure.  Ross acted like a journalist and checked sources, did you Malcolm?

CATA advised that they had 35 buses carry an average of at least 50 each. There were also buses from other sources. I know that three came from Broadmeadow not arranged by CATA. Also there were buses from Melbourne, Geelong, Parkes, Forbes as well as many people arriving in private cars.

Perhaps a re-think of the head count, Malcolm? Perhaps a little less trust in the untrustworthy union-financed GetUp!  (See GetUp! Get truthful or GetOut!)


  1. G'day

    The left are upset because of a few defamatory banners that were visible at what was basically a very rare protest rally, in that most people who attended had never protested anything publicly before during their entire lives. This was not the usual rent-a-crowd or the great unwashed radicals, these were conservatively minded Australians who incidently numbered greatly from the baby boomers generation. That's not to say that a broad range of ages were not represented and nor is it to agree with the left that these folk who just got on with life and paying taxes during the protest filled days of the 60's and 70's and even the 80's had no right to protest now because they didn't speak up back then.

    What does truly matter here is not only the hypocrisy of the left in this country, which clearly has no bounds but that these outraged Gillard and Brown supporters who are in favour of an economy destroying carbon tax, are now calling for an end to freedom of speech unless of course you agree with their rose coloured and distorted ideological wet dream view of the world.

    Those who used a few expletives to express their justified outrage against an elected Prime Minister (tic) who stated clearly that she would not introduce a carbon tax and who now unapologetic reverses her pledge, are now being demonised as extremist of the far right? and even called crazy and members of the KKK by actual ALP parliamentarians......WHAT THE....????!!!

    It's as if the collective memory of the collective socialist left ( and that's the Labour Party and the Greens dear reader ) has suddenly and conveniently disappeared. I mean, this critique is coming from people who are famous for so called outrageous stunts and protest banners, Nazi symbols painted on images our former PM Jon Howard and an effigy of John Howard kissing the rear end of the former US President G.W. Bush immediately spring to mind. I didn't say anything when I saw that because I thought, that's typical and the insult holds no ground in changing my views and my critique of it will not change theirs, so what's the point.

    To say that a few defamatory slogans about their preferred PM should justify this name calling, horror and disgust is as I have said early, hypocrisy of the greatest order.

    Seems the left in this country and particularly the leftist media need a history lesson and this cartoon should educate a few of them, alas most will continue to live in denial always regardless of the facts and that includes science.

    And.... Like I always quote from the 15th century English poet, critic, writer and philosopher, John Dryden.....
    "The True end of satire is the amendment of vices by correction & he, who writes honestly is no more enemy to the offender, than the physician to the patient, when he prescribes harsh remedies to an inveterate disease"


    Official cartoonist for NEWS/TALK Radio Station 2UE
    954 on the AM Dial

  2. G'day Zeg,

    I know you said that you wouldn't make it there. I was returning on the bus when I saw your "oh-so accurate" depiction of the rally. Well the exterior anyway. How you depicted the accuracy inside is anybody's guess. Hidden Camera?

    As you know, I am not a fan of the MSM, but they have again outdone themselves with their biased comments on the rally. The pollies also.

    Keep up the brilliance, Zeg!


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