Thursday, 17 March 2011

Freestone Racing and NO Carbon Tax.

Press Release from FREESTONE RACING





The Freestone Racing entry in this weekends opening round of the 2011 Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series has gone political, as it carries signage of The Climate Sceptics Party.


This weekend upon the streets of Adelaide, the vastly experienced Victorian racer Paul Freestone will be driving his recently acquired ex James Moffat Ford Falcon BF, now a distinctive turquoise with NO CARBON TAX being displayed along with Roadhaven and Freestone Transport.
Distinctive Turquoise

Freestone, team engineer Hayden Pullen and David Seiders drove the team’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to second in class in the recent Bathurst 12 Hour race carrying The Climate Sceptics Party signage.


President of the party, Leon Ashby, said  The Climate Sceptics Party had chosen motor racing to get their message across because of its popularity.

“Motor racing is such a big sport we decided to test the water at the Bathurst 12 hour race with the Freestone team, and that helped get the word out, while the drivers and team members were very supportive, so it was logical to move up to the V8’s with them this weekend,” Mr Ashby said.

He said he would like motor racing fans to understand more about the carbon dioxide tax debate, and the recent broken promise by Julia Gillard on the carbon dioxide tax has some great irony and unanswered questions.

“It now means Penny Wong has to eat her words of the last 4 years when she explained many times why a carbon tax wouldn`t work," he said. But better than that, Julia needs to explain to us all which scientist has shown CO2 is overheating the world. 

“What temperature an Australian CO2 tax will prevent occurring and what temperature the planet will be in the next 10 years when China increases its emissions 600 times more than Australia will reduce it by.

“Also, what electricity prices we will have when wind turbines (which produce electricity at 500 % the price) and can only reduce emissions by 3% - (and still not provide baseload power) and what financial advantage we get from crippling our economy if we introduce a CO2 tax and the rest of the world doesn`t."

But the biggest question is - "Will beer and soft drinks be taxed because of their CO2 content,” Mr Ashby concluded.

The Freestone entry will go into this weekends event after the one test session, which left the team confident they will be in a front running car.

Moffat drove the BF to third in the 2010 Fujitsu Series, finishing on the podium in ten of the 18 races that were conducted, and before Freestone took delivery of it, it received a complete freshen up from Ford Performance Racing.


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