Monday, 28 March 2011

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

Every few weeks I get an e-mail notifying me of a blog-post from a blog called WTF Deniers and from their Chief Denier- an IT worker called Mike. Today I got an e-mail re one of Denier Mike's latest Posts "....Forces of Hate..." A quick read from the comments of some of Mike's deniers - John B, Moth Incarnate, Ross  et al and you will easily see where the hatred lies..

Mike himself says:

Every day last week I started to write a blog past, but just couldn’t finish it. ..........Horror at the ignorance, hate and lies of the “climate sceptics”.

Oh really, Mike?

Ignorance? That is a judgment and we would say that the ignorance is on your side.

Hate? I don't think that you could justify hate anywhere on our side. To find hate, read the comments by some of your WTF deniers!

Lies? Where do we start? MBH98 and the disgraced "hockey stick" graph?  Deleted e-mails subject to FOIA requests, Hide the Decline - see Berkeley's Richard Muller - who said "As a scientist, I now have a list of people whose papers I won't read anymore. You're not allowed to do this in science. This is not up to our standards."

Mike goes on: " They are filled with rage and hate, suspicious of knowledge and learning."

Really, Mike? Rage? Well, if our PM lies about a carbon (dioxide) tax to just sneak into office, should it be greeted with exultation? Should it be greeted with disappointment? or - Should there be anger at a cheating PM whose original roots come from a village called Cwmgwrach, which means 'The Valley of the Witch,'  a village of coal miners. Perhaps, Mike, rage would be felt by our anti-coal, anti-mining Prime Minister if she returned to her roots. There is certainly anger at home for a Prime Minister who lied her way into office; a Prime Minister, who knew that if she had declared her intention to introduce a carbon dioxide tax based on  very dubious "science," she would not have got across the line.

Suspicious of knowledge and learning? Are you suspicious of the Vostok Ice Core samples, Mike. Do you believe that science has moved on? David Evans, a leading light in the Australian Greenhouse Office, (now the Dept of Climate Change and Propaganda,) said:

But since 1999 new evidence has seriously weakened the case that carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming, and by 2007 the evidence was pretty conclusive that carbon played only a minor role and was not the main cause of the recent global warming. As Lord Keynes famously said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"
The facts HAVE changed, Mike. It's time that you and your WTF deniers faced the truth!
Listen to David Evans explain it.

Further in the post by WTF Denier, Mike, - 
Now what I feel is anger.  Anger at the lies.
Mike, I feel anger at the lies of the obstinate stick-in-the-muds, those people who deny that the CO2 AGW hoax has been falsified!

Mike and your fellow deniers....wake up and realise that the "science" has moved on.

WTF Deniers?

WTF ignoramouses!


  1. As an example of the idiotic things that the deniers at WTF say, I posted (also above) that David Evans said the science had moved on. Those clowns, probably because they could not find anything anti-Evans at their denierscience blogs, didn't answer to what David said.

    One clown actually attacked me by saying: "Dont Geoff just spews forth anything the IPA stooges trot out..."

    OK, Clown B, here is a challenge! Just point to one thing that I have posted that comes from "the IPA stooges."

    Clown Ass replied: "Even a flamin blacksmith uses science as a tool of trade,(sic)

    Good grammar, Ass, and excellent punctuation - NOT!

    Clown B then quotes something from the Alarmist's network, the ABC's Unleashed. Well done, clown B.
    Your ABC vets comments from Climate Realists, seems to give Alarmists like clown B an open go.

    Then Clown B posted: "OMG

    posted at Just Morons

    this is thew knowledge..." Hey, clown, what do you mean by THEW? (Definition: thew/TH(y)o͞o/Noun
    1. Muscular strength.) Is it strong knowledge, Clown B?

  2. Continuing - Clown B added: "The, we are not racist extremists, hero" Gee, Clown, put a little more water in the whiskey. We already knew you were a clown, a fool, but -"The, we are not racist extremists, hero..." probably time to go and sleep it off, Clown B.

    SheesH! Clowns like B think that they can debate the "science".....they can't even string two words together, let alone seven,

  3. This is a tough topic. I support things that can have a positive effect on pollution. The problem is I don't think taxing pollution is the answer. I think they should spend money trying to find a way to filter it out.
    John Bond |


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