Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Deniers and the truth.

A post on the website "watching (BY) the deniers" by a jellybelly called Spatch. Why do I say Jellybelly? Well, I believe that if you want to make a contrbution to any real debate, you should make it in your own name. This is just my own opinion and some of my friends do not agree with me. However, the despicable character calls himself "Spatch." Perhaps it was Spatchcock before the operation? And why do I say despicable? Well, judge for yourself.

This will drive XX nuts – I posted info about my location in a conversation with cooloola on Fieldings (sic) blog – there’s no way he’ll ever find that post now…
Remember this – Porn links posted on Fielding’s website.

I’m amazed that Pete hasn’t linked that to me yet. It was a simple and effective way to shut the forum down, albeit temporarily.*
It was shut down permanently in the end though. I won’t divulge how that was done here though. *wink*
*I’m not saying that I had anything to do with the porn links on Fielding’s site.

Guilty by your own admission, Spatch

And then we have this little exchange between Spatch and Mr John (cooloola) Byatt:


Ah, the bus driver! lol. Jeeeez what a goose. good value but when he’d lose the plot and post page after page of denier tripe as though that was some sort of payback for making him angry – it just made me roflmao instead!
john byatt

I think that crazy jo nova had the hots for your avatar on her blog 

It was fun going over there and kicking the ants nest. Then psycho bitch started to email me privately with her denier nonsense. I told her to #%#* off in the end which as you’d expect promptly got me blacklisted!

Let's look at the rules that Mike, the head of "watching (BY) the deniers" issued.

No ad homs, no rudeness, always be polite. Mike, on a later post said:
Ground rules:
  • keep it polite
  • no abuse

Mike, using the despicable "deniers" as a title for your blog, already you break your own rules. But you let these people post stuff like the above?

"what a goose;" "crazy jo nova;" "psycho bitch;" - You don't think these break your rules, Mike?

If the above want to comment here - I will accept cooloola  and spatch  or your real names - but will not publish any anonymous comments.


As mentioned above, Mike said there were rules to commenting: "No ad homs, no rudeness, always be polite..."

Interesting that he doesn't enforce it for his own team of deniers. Like a stupid schoolchild, one of Mike's team of deniers calls me go-eff instead of Geoff.

What does Mike do?


The same member of Mike's team of deniers has often maligned Viv Forbes. Viv Forbes has a distinguished background. Viv Forbes won an Open Scholarship to the University of Queensland and obtained a degree in Applied Science.  Since graduation he has studied economics, politics, climatology and financial analysis.  He has spent his life working in exploration, mining, farming, infrastructure, financial analysis and political commentary.  He has worked for government departments, private companies and no w works as a private contractor and farmer.

He was awarded the “Australian Adam Smith Award for Services to the Free Society” in 1988, and has written widely on political, technical and economic subjects.

And yet Mike lets one of his team of deniers cast aspersions. What has your mealy-mouthed member achieved, Mike?

Why don't you enforce your rules?

One of Mike's team of deniers was posting comments here. I said it was OK and that Mike's rules would also apply here. He then started putting his comment posting tag as XXX banned from XXX.

Well, XXX. If you have a problem with some other community, take it up with them. Don't use TCS as a place to fight your personal battles. Your posts are not censored unless you are carrying on about something unrelated with this site.


  1. moderator at the gympie cabal jb6 March 2011 at 20:03

    geoff, we are feeding stuff for pete to read ,

    cannot stop laughing about the old days at fielding forums, they are who we are on about,

  2. ABC moderator JB6 March 2011 at 20:06

    geoff the porn site links were posted from russia ,he is feeding pete stuff

  3. cooloolafoolya jb abc mod etc . rgds6 March 2011 at 20:36

    geoff the bus driver was a goose , whenever he posted there were always exclamation marks sometimes double ones, when he was trying to cause trouble he would imitate one of his own mob and then claim that we did it but always forgot about his habit , it was bloody hilarious as after he had done it he would return to fielding forum and say that he had been away , every time,

    chugg was a real loony, lived in a bunker and was waiting for the return of some alien called ENKI,

    another one there colin was into that yank brain boot camp stuff, "the truth is whatever you believe it to be,

    then there was old mate ,


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