Monday, 21 March 2011

Dear Ms Gillard from a 17 year old country girl

To Ms Gillard and whoever else reads this

My name is Brittany Stuart I'm 17 years old and shortly I will be 18 and legally allowed to vote along with many others. But what is the point in me voting when some aspects of the government are taking our say away from us which will eventually lead to our future. Let’s say something recent as the ETS and the Carbon Dioxide tax? I'm well aware of this as I re-call you said something along the lines that you wouldn't bring this is BUT you lied to your fellow Australians not only the older generations but the younger one’s as well.


What are you doing Ms Gillard? Why have you let it get this bad? The science is not settled so why are you insisting in this absurd carbon tax? Maybe if the government didn't waste it on other things or give our money to other countries for non essential projects. How about looking after Australians first? Dalby is getting a indoor swimming pool around $5 million that government funding is paying for: don’t you think that this money would be sent better elsewhere - like our roads that the flood effected?
I can't believe that Australia’s Prime Minister and her followers are bringing in this stupid tax and blaming it on farmers and cattle as well? Shame on you. If you like your vegetables, dairy products and beef, you have no right to put blame on them, on us.
There is no “blame” as there is not enough evidence to support your reasons for making more financial hardship for Australian families. We provide for our own country when other countries can't, we know how to work the land when people like you don't have a single clue. Farmers of any Agricultural background are doing something for their country and their consumers, their families.
I don't think you realize how hard it is, but then again people like you think you know everything and then bring in ridiculous accusations and tax, like this and push people off their own land out of their own business and stand over us and bully us.
You are going to be responsible for so much hardship you will send Australians broke whilst they are trying to support a family or you – because we taxpayers (I work too Ms Gillard) pay your wages.

You will even be the cause  of some family members to commit suicide with your new tax!


If I were involved with this I would personally be really embarrassed as you have made such fools out of yourselves. You are not really the Prime Minister. I know that you got Green Preferences and the independents to go with you. You have not earnt the right to Govern Australia!

In regard to methane, cattle Ms Gillard what don't you understand? Don't you see the cattle eat grass which is natural, then they digest it which is natural then they let of gas which is from the grass and body juices which is natural and then the manure is used as a fertilizer.
But wait! This natural cycle is damaging polluting the environment?! You have got to be kidding?! This cannot be true as “Scientist” have said that this is “true” even though they have been proven wrong by other scientist who is saying the exact thing I am. Yes I would be quiet embarrassed. And you listen to Tim Flannery? I would not have him as a school teacher -he is manipulative!

Honestly, I'm really disgusted in your government. Maybe this is comforting for you? My generation have loads of young adults like me who see through your lies, your schemes and your stuff ups and
then you blame it on the rest of us and leave it to us to clean up your mess? Well thanks to you my generation and the ones to come will still be cleaning up your stench long after you are gone.

If it hasn't quiet sunk in right now I AM one of many young adults and kids who will be the NEXT generation to strive of this land and as long as we are still breathing one by one we will fight for our rights.
We will fight for accurate information. We will fight for Australians to be able to be successful. We will fight your “misguided” taxes. We will fight like you have never seen for the return of private property rights.
Personally I will fight to stop the greens influencing every law that families have to live with. I will fight them for our name back. Farmers are the real environmentalist Ms Gillard – you have been played for a fool – or have you?

If I have to send an e-mail to EVERYONE who is in the government and say the same thing to get across to you I will. I will be heard and I WILL fight for our rights including no taxes that will not achieve anything except hurt families. Blaming the farmers was a bad mistake. If you want to import your own food go ahead. Other countries food is inferior – even their apples!
They haven't got the cleanest methods of farming or producing without toxic chemicals that are banned here in Australia. We have cause we are lucky Australian Farmers are the best in the world but you just want to tax us don't you?
Do not take our rights to be viable on our land off us stop bullying us. You know that making laws and taxing people when they are suffering now financially is not good coming from a Prime Minister. Locking up people's private property - well that is called stealing you know!

I want a future for my children but how can I when you are wrecking it. I will be heard and so will others; we won’t just stop until our future is secure.

You are a threat to Australia’s future on the course you are on.


  1. Way to go Brittany, keep that passion going! With kids like you seeking the truth there is hope for Australia!

  2. B'H
    Brittany a great letter but it needs a few nips and tucks here and there. Less is more and make points concisely in some cases. I have done a little edit for you to work on the expression and the text without labouring (no pun intended) points. You can use it now or have it for future reference.It is an edited word doc so I can not post it here with the edit panel and do not want you embarrassed by others seeing it. I can send it to your mother if you like, but please do not be offended and take it as a learning curve. Ok. Keep writing. Many battles are won with the pen.

  3. Britt: Thank you for taking the time to write to our Prime Minister. If someone takes the time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), then any true leader would take some notice and respond to you. You show natural leadership, and I am proud to count you and your family amongst my mates. Great leaders learn and grow into the role. I support the comments made about reviewing written submissions, especially if they are made public. I do the same thing: I send my correspondence to committee to get their thoughts and opinions, then finalise the draft (I accept or reject as I see appropriate). I don’t fear red ink at all. I just want someone I trust to review and mark it up, then send it back to me.

  4. Thanks for expressing what so many people are thinking. You have courage, Brittany.

  5. Thank you both :) I'm not the best speller or good at grammar either, but i don’t care just as long as people read this it does not worry me. Plus I’m not much of a theory person but more of a worker :) but i will keep that in mind :)
    P.S this photo of me is REALLY embarrassing but classic :)

  6. Great work Brittany!

    It is good to see that not all youngsters are falling for the left wing progressive agenda peddled by the government and their cheerleaders in the media.

  7. Well Done Britt!

    It’s wonderful to see tomorrow’s custodians of Australia speaking out with such passion for the rights of all Australians.

    You have shown you have the courage of your convictions and the resolve of Australia’s backbone – our farmers, the real caretakers of this land. I am proud to read this. I know your family will be equally as proud. Go For It Britt

  8. @ Ilana.

    Shame on you! It is typical of a failed teacher to try to further their own importance by seeking not to support but only detract in this fashion. You appear to be trying to undermine one of tomorrow’s adults in this craven manner, by correcting the passion and verve with grammar.
    I am sure if correction was requested Britt has ample support. Instead on unsolicited negativism, please keep your commentary positive. Of course you could always choose to follow suit and write a letter yourself, that is, is second place holds any glamour for you!

  9. @ Ilana.
    I am surprised, almost, by your comment. It is, after all is said and done, a fairly standard tactic, to seek to tear down by undermining them, those who are seen to eclipse what one has thus far achieved.
    You seek to find fame by an unsubtle claim of importance in correcting grammatically a courage and passion lacking in our leaders.
    Shame on you!

  10. Great stuff Britt!

    You will be a force to be reckoned with in time to come, and from the sound of things, not to much time either. You speak with passion and commitment, a real and raw honesty, rare traits in most of our politicians! Good luck, I hope the PM reads it and takes note.

  11. Good blog and thank you for so much effort. You are very right with everything you say. Sadly, the city vote is the larger vote and far too many are ignorant of the real issues here.

  12. @ Susan and anonymous
    Oy vey! It is a pity you cannot read and have ulterior motives in ripping into me for what was not intended to be nasty, only helpful. Perhaps I could give you English comprehension lessons. However I fear at $250 an academic hour which is what I would want to teach someone so fixed in their warped mentalities and bad habits as you two have engrained, you would not be able to afford me. LOL. Perhaps you should both find competent psychiatrists - that is if you are not both one and the same person. LOL. Psychiatrists might be more help to you than me, and they could prescribe the relevant hard drugs to cook your minds forever and you would leave me alone. TA TA FOR NOW. Go play with the little people and leave more important affairs to those who do the research. Bullies are everywhere, aren't they?

  13. Brittany your message is clear. Irrespective of spelling or grammar.
    Dont stop voicing your opinion. I have passed this link on to many on my email list.
    Many have responded stating that this is what is needed. A young woman, who can see past the political back slapping and congratulating of the peoples representatives.
    I encourage you and your peers to be heard. By your photo you are genuine and care deeply for Australians. Well done young woman. You have inspired myself and others to keep writing, thank you.

  14. Britt congratulations on your letter to the PM, she really needs to hear you along with so many others who are in agreement with you. So many of your age group are either uncertain about our political situation or simply don't have the confidence to put their thoughts on paper let alone send them off to the PM....The spelling and other errors are without consequence unless the PM realizes more needs to be done about teaching our kids to read and write correctly....You have done very well. I encourage yourself & your peers to continue...your generation will feel the greatest impact of the mistakes that are being made now.
    Jacki M

  15. Well, maybe at your house you can get your own way if you shout a lot and direct a whole lot of "passionate" abuse and disrespect onto your parents, until they give in.

    But in the adult world, you have to approach people (even Prime Ministers!) with some respect, and a cooler head.

    It's apparent from your diatribe that you've still got a lot of growing up to do, young lady.

    Believe it or not, the foregoing is good advice from someone who hopes you'll go far. Maybe one day you'll understand that.

  16. In reply to Anonymous - above - "disrespect onto your parents" well, sorry Anonymous, nothing can be further from the truth. This young lady's parent support her and she respects them which is probably unusual among her age group.

    I used to respect the office of the Prime Minister, no matter who was the incumbent. However the current Prime Minister lied her way into office. If, instead of promising: "There will be NO carbon tax...." she had gone to the Electorate with: "There WILL be a carbon tax..."
    the record low primary vote that she achieved would be so far down that she would not be around now but would have snuck off into the distance, her political career ruined.

    Consider Britt's last sentence:

    You are a threat to Australia’s future on the course you are on.

    The carbon dioxide tax, even if it is effectual in reducing Australia's carbon dioxide emissions by the stated 5%, will have so little difference to any percieved global warming.

    If the tax comes in, we will suffer power outages, food shortages, job shortages, etc and all based on lies.

    I respect Britt.

    I cannot respect our Prime Minister who signed a pact with the Gang-Greens ( a mob the she called extreme) just to cling to power.

  17. Well "Anonymous", Britt is my child.My name is Cate.
    Notice how she had enough character to put her name to her letter - warts and all?
    Yet, you could not put your name? From someone who admires her? I think not.

    Possibly from someone who stalked her due to her letter, possibly someone who threatened her?

    Possibly someone who found where she lives and rang her to verbally assault her?

    Possibly someone who thinks that they have the right to stand over children as you are an adult?

    Possibly someone who is just nasty, evil and enjoys reducing children to tears, frightening them?
    Of course Britt has growing up to do - she is 17!! Does she get her own way in our home? Oh sweet lord, no, she is the most caring, loving child any parent could ever wish for - Britt see's outside her own life, Britt see's other families, the hardship on them financially, emotionally and physically - the myriad of problems faced today, and the repercussions of actions on people, and the environment for the future.

    The one thing that gives away your post, is,
    "It's apparent from your diatribe that you've still got a lot of growing up to do, young lady"

    If you ever, ever contact my child again, I will press charges - I hope I make myself clear.

    If you would like to dialogue here, and abuse me the same manner as you did to my child - then go right ahead - I am not amused - and NO child should be intimidated by an adult while they are learning to become an adult.

    This is intolerable from any person - so come to mumma!

  18. Britt, your an inspiration to everyone who fights for the rights of the people, keep going and you will be heard :)

  19. Britt you have said it well .. This is what our generation has to do .. Fight for our rights. "Every family needs a farmer . " People dont realise this. Does every family want to be eating all foreign foods. Well any one can answer that. Keep going Britt. Proud of ya mate

  20. Brittany I applaud you!You have the courage to write the above letter and say what thousands of Australians are thinking. You wrote your letter with a maturity far beyond your youthful 17 years of age!
    Ms Gillard should be very worried for her ridiculous minority party with you willingness to express youself at the ballot box soon. I did not find your letter at all disrespectful or rude. Unlike the Greens and Independents who are stamping their feet and throwing tantrums and threatening the Prime Minister with crossing the floor to get their own way!
    You should be very proud of yourself and your parents should be commended on raising a wonderful young lady and for allowing you to express youself and showing the common sense that some adults aren't willing to show.

  21. this is a load of crap.. you don't understand why this new tax is occurring and if you think that it is such a bad idea why don't you give suggestions of ways to improve the situation rather than just attacking the solution that the government has decided on.. maybe as a student you should listen in english class, rather that writing stupid letters.. your punctuation and grammar is of a low standard for a 17 year old girl who I am presuming is in Year 12.

  22. Look at the way the pollies solved the problem of cruelty to cattle in Indonesia. Today the Indonesians banned cattle imports from Australia for the next 3 months. They ignored the problem until it was put in the public eye on TV and then they thought "We could win a few votes here from all the animal lovers." Short sighted imbeciles is what politicians are. They won't realise there's no votes in a carbon tax until after the next election. They won't realise there is no global warming until the roads are covered in ice in Canberra.

  23. Hi Cate, good on you, I would be proud to call Britt my daughter. Jennie

  24. My letter is stupid is it? Then why would you read this? Well here is a fact, my school and teachers support me. I am not a student that get's straight A's in English, i know that i am not good at English and just because my Grammar and Punctuation is bad does not mean that it will stop me from voicing my opinion. So yes it is low but what make's you think that i am taking your comment to heart? You can not break my sprit by saying it is quote "your punctuation and grammar is of a low standard for a 17 year old girl who I am presuming is in Year 12." I've heard what you have to say like so many other's and well your telling me something that i am improving on. Maybe before you start attacking me you put your name, you attack me yet you dont have your name where as you know my name. I guess that it's okay if you afraid to put your name where i am not. So yes you shared you opinion and sorry, you didn't hit a nerve. obviously you read my letter which was my aim. to get it heard! To get it seen! I'm well aware that not everyone agree's with me but hey, there are more people supporting me than trying to discourage me. And another fact some of the most famous people in history don't have correct grammar, they had courage and a lot more common sense and talent than those who disprove and they did not let it get in there way. On a happier note thank you everyone for the supportive comment's :)

  25. Mike in Melbourne17 July 2011 at 16:37

    Britt, Good on you!!! Keep 'em coming. Some minds are like concrete. All mixed up and permanently set. Your's isn't one of them. When this mob of nit wits take time to have a cool look at both sides of the argument maybe they can come to a more rational conclusion. To glibly swallow the garbage being vomitted all over us by our PM and her ilk is a sign of vacant minds. Wasn't it Adolf Hitler who said, "It is a good thing for leaders that people don't think". When we hit the wall in a few years where will your detractors be?

  26. I myself im year 12, and like you, Brittany dont get A's in English.. but before i voice my opinion like you did, i get someone else (who is better at English than me) to read over and edit my work.. But anyway your letter didn't do anything significant because the government is going ahead with the carbon tax.. so keep your opinions to yourself. and obviously i did hit a nerve because you wrote a giant paragraph to me.


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