Canberra Columnists and Correspondents Confused.

There is a world of difference between the real world and the world of Journalists. Journalists who, by their very nature used to be SCEPTICS (Even if your mother says it, check it and double check it) now print press releases verbatim. If a news report comes out that goes against their opinions they suppress it (Think about how the blogosphere was releasing details of the leaking of the climategate emails before any report in the print or electronic media.)

Probably the worst example of  how cozy covens of conspiring correspondents coffee together in the capital away from real people is our Canberra columnists.

Tony Abbot, during the week, said that MS Gillard needed an honesty transplant but could not find a donor in the whole parliamentary labor party,. It would probably be the same with reality transplants among Journalists.

Laurie Oakes today wrote, showing far he is from reality:  Wingnuts and looney tunes abound

"The carbon tax and Tony Abbott's call for a people's revolt have got the crazies foaming at the mouth. You see it on the "Revolt Against the Carbon Tax" page, for example."    
Really Laurie? Crazies foaming at the mouth or perhaps the self-destruction of the loonie-left disenchanting even you? Today show on Sunday 6/3/11, Laurie Asked Wayne Swan how many degrees would the tax reduce the world temperature. Swan gave a goobledygook answer and unfortunately, Laurie didn't push. If Swan knew, and that is doubtful, and had answered, Laurie would have seen exactly who the wingnuts and Loonies were.

LO: Well, the second question my email correspondent poses - and I'm getting this question from a lot of people too, "Tell me just how much the temperature is going to drop by if this stupid tax comes into effect?"
WS: Well Laurie, this is a long-term problem, and the longer we delay, the bigger the damage to both the environment and to the country. Countries right around the world are putting in place Emissions Trading Systems and other policies to dramatically reduce their use of energy. Indeed, China, in the last couple of days, has put in place new policies. We've got to make a start, because if we don't, the environmental consequences of that and the economic consequences of that over time are absolutely horrendous.

Paul Kelly in a piece in the Australian recognises that there is: An irreconcilable difference:
But there will be no easy resolution of Australia's deadlock over climate change. Above all, it is governed by an insiders-outsiders split that shaped the August 2010 election result. The insiders, usually tertiary educated, are believers in climate change action while the outsiders are either disbelievers or doubters worried about the cost-of-living impact for an improbable dividend.
The ultimate insiders constituency is the ACT, one of the richest and most privileged parts of Australia, home to the public service brains trust and the Canberra press gallery where carbon pricing is a commonsense "no brainer", same-sex marriage seems sensible, distaste for Abbott is elemental, where the Greens polled 19.2 per cent of the primary vote with the total Labor-Green primary vote last national election a whopping 64.2 per cent, affirming that for the ACT the Labor-Green ascendancy is Australia's future.

Also affirming, Paul, that the Canberra columnist cabal need a reality transplant.  UPDATE:

UPDATE (thanks to Jen and Neville)

Clive James could well have called the alarmists Wingnuts and Loonies in his piece in "Standpoint Magazine"

Clive really gives it to Tim Flannery and Clive Hamilton.

Tim Flannery had been loud in the land. …….. Professor Flannery was heard all the time, and always predicting that the major cities would run out of water.
“Clive Hamilton is an especially piercing example — pronounce the necessity of suspending democratic rights, so that citizens can be punished for sinning against Gaia.”

Both Gaia worshippers and yet Laurie Oakes calls US Wingnuts and Loonies. Wake up and smell the coffee, Laurie.

Pointman has a similar column on the MSM:

Of all the kinds of censorship, the most pernicious is self-censorship. Since they’re convinced that:
- They’re saving the planet.
- They know better than us.
- They’re protecting us poor ignorant folk from ourselves.
reporters do not have to be told which stories to ignore or which way to spin them. These are also the very same reasons why scientific fraud ran rampant. Sadly, no grand conspiracy required, it’s as simple as that.


  1. I will give you a go again Geoff, rather than keep on fighting each other over this , why not just accept our differences and go into battle for nuclear, I had a large letter printed today calling for just that, I also know that many of your side also believe that it would be a good compromise due to anti pollution benefits apart from CO2, I do talk to greens often and secretly many of them can see that if one truly understands climate change then that is the only option,

    what we need is to get labor to drop it's own objection then the green vote would not count, I worked for and voted green for the same reason as many, to get the issue of climate change back on the agenda. part of that issue is nuclear,

    for the first time in 18 months i had two letters that supported my position today, one proposing nuclear as the main solution, the other rebutting a letter that attacked me as a non christian telling porkies for satan, i love those actually,
    might be around now and then


    John Byatt

  2. Well done, John - Playing with my mind - posting both as anonymous and under your name.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you over nuclear. United we stand.

  3. In fairness, Geoff, the "post as" options under the comments box are not very intuitive. I have posted as anonymous on several occasions, not really understanding the options and unable to get a comment accepted any other way. Most of the other options require a URL. What URL is it looking for? Not everyone has a web page and if that is what it wants, why does it want it? Maybe a quick explanation at the bottom of the page might help. "Post As?" I don't know.

  4. To post other than "anonymous" one can use the "comment as" button and select Name/URL.

    One can then put John Smith or Smithy or concerned citizen with or without a website or URL.

    I have to work within the general framework of blogspot.

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