Alarming Report - Greenland Melting

There is a lot of water in this world -323,722,000 cubic miles of it in the oceans alone-and there is more coming.
According to Dr. Hans Ahlmann, a Swedish geophysicist, a mysterious warming of the Arctic climate is melting the Arctic ice, including the vast Greenland ice-cap. As this ice melts, water is pouring into the ocean and raising the sea level at what geologists regard as a dizzy rate.

Dr. Ahlmann told the Geophysical Institute of the University of California that the ocean level in the Spitzbergen area had risen one inch in thc last 25 years. He said that if the ice areas continued melting at the present rate, the ocean surface would rise to catastrophic proportions and peoples living in lowlands bordering the seashores would be inundated.
"The Arctic change is so serious that I hope an international agency can speedily be formed to study conditions on a global basis," he said.

This report is from the Perth Sunday Times, Sunday 22 June, 1947.

Everything old is new again!  
Thanks to Steve Goddard's Real Science.


  1. This warming was real. CO2 impacts during the 50 and 60s were headed off by the sulphides due to massive industrialisation post world war II. This is well documented.

    More reliable metrics we are now using shows that continual warming of CO2 is impacting these areas at remarkable rates of melting.

    This is simply some self patting of doubt and re-assurance of events that are NO LONGER CYCLIC or natural. The metric and accuracy are now down to 1 square of measurement. The penetration of ice depths now also involved in those metrics.

    We now know what the mysterious warming was.

    We now understand better how sulphides cool and reverse the impacts of CO2 radiative forcing.

    Acid rain became a scourge of our 20th century and has been largely been resolved.

    When mankind interferes with our environment it cuts both ways - death of forests or death of forests. It's the demon in the detail.

    Goddard is one person who is not a scientist and writes nonsense.


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