Wind Energy and KISS

John Droz, jr. is a physicist who has also been an environmental activist for some 25 years. He's a member of the Sierra Club, the Adirondack Council, the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks, and the Resident’s Committee to Protect the Adirondacks, among others. 
Adirondack Park.

For Australian readers, The Adirondack Park is the largest protected area in the United States. 

It’s larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Canyon and Great Smokies combined – and it covers 7 counties and 2 Congressional districts.”).

John is the author of a Web Page called Wind Power Facts and subtitled Toolkit of Information.  There is a link to Wind Power Facts in the title above.

"A critical fact to understand is that just because a power source is an alternative, or a renewable, does NOT automatically mean that it is better than any conventional or fossil fuel source! In other words, electrical energy alternatives/renewables should not be given a free pass on common sense scrutiny, and the use of scientific methodology, in objectively evaluating their merits. "

John has also created a series of short videos that discuss some common topics.
Our hero is citizen Jane. I’m calling the video series “Jane Discusses Energy.” The first is where she talks with a friend about some wind energy issues. The second is where she meets with her town board supervisor about a proposed wind energy project in her community, and shares with him her research findings.

Give yourself a few free days and investigate John's sensible fact and link brim filled site.

See also: Viv Forbes' Why Wind Won't Work.
                The Perils of Wind Farms.



  1. Hi there! great stuff, glad to drop by your page and found these very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing about wind energy tax credits, keep it up!
    The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was originally part of the Revenue Act of 1962. In subsequent legislation the ITC was modified to include incentives for renewable energy property. Currently, taxpayers can choose to use the ITC in lieu of the PTC for eligible property. To be considered eligible, most renewable source property must be placed in service by December 31, 2013. However, solar and geothermal property can be eligible if placed in service by December 31, 2016.


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