Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Political Climate Insight

Letter to the editor by Leon Ashby - President The Climate Sceptics

 Political Climate Insight

Dear Sir / Madam,

                              Here is some irony with climate politics.

The "Green / alarmist" position assumes the debate is over but never has a face to face public debate with those sceptical.

They say they believe in free markets (to keep prices low) but corrupt the renewable power market (costing us more).

They say wind and solar renewables will replace  baseload  power but it has never been done.

They say Australia should get into renewable power as European countries begin to abandon the idea.

They want an Australian Carbon Tax & ETS despite the Chicago Carbon exchange collapsing.

They tout carbon dioxide storage underground as a solution without it being achieved commercially.

They claim the majority of people want a carbon tax while  the latest "AGE"  survey shows  89% are against it.

And now they will stage an "independent" climate commissions with a non independent  "Alarmist" chairman (Tim Flannery).

Does anyone see a similarity with climate policies and the emperors new clothes?

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics

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  1. The first could perhaps be restated: "The 'Green / alarmist' position says the debate is over and suppresses all attempts by those sceptical to engage in debate


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