Saturday, 29 January 2011

Does Greens Senator Christine Milne want to bankrupt Australia?

Newly crowned Australian of the Year and Chairman of the CSIRO, Simon McKeon, says that the wind is evaporating. We know that a paper written by Gabriel Calzada Álvarez PhD (here) concluded that green jobs needed heavy subsidies and non-green jobs were lost.
Our research shows that that price was very high. Here are some highlights from our study:
  • For every 1 green job financed by Spanish taxpayers, 2.2 jobs were lost as an opportunity cost.
  • Only 1 out of 10 green job contracts were in maintenance and operation of already installed plants, and most of the rest of the working positions are only sustainable in an expansive environment related to high subsidies.
  • Since 2000, Spain has committed €571,138 ($753,778) per each "green job,"
  • Those programs resulted in the destruction of nearly 110,500 jobs.
  • Each "green" megawatt installed on average destroyed 5.39 jobs elsewhere in the economy, and in the case of solar photovoltaics, the number reaches 8.99 jobs per megawatt hour installed.
Spain has already attempted to lead the world in a clean energy transformation. But our research shows that Spain's policies were economically destructive. 

Now we find that Europe is turning it’s back on Wind Energy. From the Globe and Mail 26/1/11

The Spanish and Germans are doing it. So are the French. The British might have to do it. Austerity-whacked Europe is rolling back subsidies for renewable energy as economic sanity makes a tentative comeback. Green energy is becoming unaffordable and may cost as many jobs as it creates. But the real victims are the investors who bought into the dream of endless, clean energy financed by the taxpayer. They forgot that governments often change their minds.

Meanwhile, in the Great Southern Land, it was reported in the Australian that Christine Milne said "with the clearest of brows and the sternest of expressions, that wind and sun are already fully grown viable alternatives to fossil fuel power..."

Does Ms Milne want to ruin Australia’s economy?

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