Tuesday, 21 December 2010

One million Australian women hoodwinked?

Did that headline get your attention? Well at my time of writing this, it is only 33,000 women. However there is a website - link in title above - asking for one million women to join:-
Getting involved in 1 Million Women is easy - simply join and follow the steps to start reducing carbon emissions. Our goal is to empower 1 Million Women to collectively cut 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas pollutant triggering climate change.
When you join you will be taken to a selection of CO2 cutting activities covering your household, food, cars and getting around, flights, shopping and renewable energy.
Select activities that work for you and start cutting CO2 now. To stay on course to reach your 1 tonne saving, track your progress within the activity centre.
By registering, you are joining daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers inspiring climate action.
AS the AGW hypothesis has not been proven, I have e-mailed the ladies ( or perhaps some aren't, hence their URL) asking for their evidence:-

You say:

"Our goal is to empower 1 Million Women to collectively cut 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas pollutant triggering climate change."

Can you substantiate this statement? Twenty years ago, the IPCC was set up to show that man-made CO2 emissions were causing runaway Global Warming. They have admitted that they cannot substantiate this.

Could you please advise what support you can give to this statement?

5:14 pm 21/12/10
They also say on their site that their "goal is to inspire 1 million Australian women to take practical action on climate change by cutting 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse pollutant causing global warming."

Anyone familiar with Bob Carter's address to the AEF a few years ago knows that he torpedoed the AGW hypothesis. However we have these, mainly well-meaning but misguided, ladies pushing the flawed AGW hypothesis. You can see some of their names here.

There are the obvious ones like Anna Bligh, Verity Firth and Penny Wong. Some will surprise you, and of some you will think, I suppose so. Some are highly educated and should have done better research.

Heading the list, by George, is Katie Noonan. Then we have

Janine Allis - Managing Director/Founder, Boost Juice Bars.

 Less CO2 means less biomass means less Juice, Sort of an unboost?

Maeve O'Meara - Award-winning food and cooking author, journalist, broadcaster, television producer and presenter.

As above, less CO2 means less biomass means less fresh vegetables, less meat.

Donna Wilkins - CEO, Country Women’s Association of New South Wales

Most country folk are aware that the changes in climate are cyclical. Has she consulted with her membership before putting her name to this?

Janet Fife-Yeomans - Reporter, The Daily Telegraph

This has been canvassed elsewhere, but Journalists are meant to be sceptical. Has she examined the lack of evidence for the flawed AGW hypothesis? 


 How about 1 million Ladies exposing the flawed AGW hypothesis?


Here is the first of four Vids with Professor Carter falsifying the flawed CO2 hypothesis.