Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another Few Bricks drop from the IPCC's crumbling edifice.

The IPCC warned that as temperatures rise, more deaths would result.

Now we have a new peer-reviewed paper that confirms that the opposite result occurs. Empirical evidence continues to accumulate that a warming climate will save lives by making cold weather seasons less cold and thus less dangerous to health. UK death statistics reveal that for every additional summer death due to increased warming, the warmer winters saved 29 lives each year - a huge net benefit.

Christidis, N., Donaldson, G.C. and Stott, P.A. 2010. Causes for the recent changes in cold- and heat-related mortality in England and Wales. Climatic Change 102: 539-553.

The authors write that "the IPCC AR4 states with very high confidence that climate change contributes to the global burden of disease and to increased mortality," citing the contribution of Confalonieri et al. (2007) to that document.

What it means
Clearly, the IPCC's "very-high-confidence" conclusion is woefully wrong. Warming is highly beneficial to human health, even without any overt adaptation to it. And when adaptations are made, warming is incredibly beneficial in terms of lengthening human life span.

(Thanks to CO2 Science and C3 Headlines)