Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Dirty Dozen of Climate Change Denial

Personally I would rather eat a Granny Smith than believe an anonymously written article by a  'mother' Jones. Who is 'mother' Jones anyway? Is she Phil Jones' mother? Or just your typical "muvva?"

"Mother" Jones has a list entitled The Dirty Dozen of Climate Change Denial (Link in title above.)

Let's get a few things staight about her title.
  • There has been plenty written about the use of Denial for AGW sceptics, so Mother should be condemmed for the use of this term. The real people denying advances in science are the people who use the "hockeystick" to deny the fact that there was a Mediaeval Warm Period  and to deny that there was a Little Ice Age.
  • Mother is misusing "Climate Change." I am sure this "mother" means some-one who is sceptical re the failed AGW hypothesis. We, on the sceptical side admit that Climate changes, that climate has ever changed. Those pushing the flawed AGW hypothesis believe, or claim to believe that Climate has not changed for a thousand years and suddenly in the late twentieth century temperatures turned up.
This "mother" produces a "list of the loudest components of the climate disinformation machine."
Here are a few spreading climate disinformation who should go above any on that "mother's" list.
  1. Al Gore who produced a flawed movie - AIT and keeps spreading disinformation through his Climate Connectors Network. 35 Inconvenient truths in the Movie.
  2. Michael Mann, who along with Bradley and Hughes cherry-picked his way to the fraudulent "hockey-stick" graph. It was shown that random numbers fed into his model still produced the hockey stick.
  3. NOAA with false satellite data - here
  4. NASA-GISS temperature adjustments - here
  5. Jonathan Overpeck who admitted telling  Geologist and Geophysicist Dr David Deming that "We have to get rid of the Mediaeval Warm Period." Linkyoutube.This was probably the first attempt to promote denial by the Climate Cabal.
  6. "Consensus" of Scientists: Recent events have shown, rather embarrassingly, that the IPCC is not “the” consensus of scientists, but rather the opinions of a few scientists (in some cases as few as one) in various subject areas whose consensus among themselves is then kludged together by the designers of the IPCC final product who a priori know what they want the ultimate outcome to be (that greenhouse gases are leading to dangerous climate change and need to be restricted).
  7. Paul Ehrlick and Obama's  John Holdren and their various false prophesies.
  8. Phil Jones of East Anglia U confessed to Climate Fraud.  Here and here 
  9. Keith Briffa - Hide the decline.
  10. Other Climategate Conspirators includeTom Wigley, Ben Santer and Kevin Trenberth.