Friday, 19 November 2010

The Religion of AGW - Environmentalism or Socialism?

According to the Climate Institute, there is a strong connection  between Climate and Faith:

Climate Change & Faith

Faith is an important part of the Climate Institute’s perspective on climate change. Religion, spirituality and faith provide an ethical and values based foundation to motivate actions for a better environment and a sustainable future. The Climate Institute’s activities draw from close connections in many community and faith groups, and reflect concerns of these groups as well as their aspirations to create a more harmonious planet.

This perspective ties into areas of social justice where countries least responsible for the causes of climate change have become the ones to receive its earliest and most severe impacts.

So, it’s not an environmental issue, it’s a SOCIAL issue.

This was admitted on QandA by Climate Minister Bill Shorten:

TERRY HART: Well, the question I'd like to ask Bill Shorten is that what the heck has happened to the Labor Party? You've got the Liberal Party leading the agenda on social reform, which I think is disgraceful and why is it that with the Liberal Party now pursuing reform in the banking industry and Joe Hockey had nine points - why isn't there some bipartisanship from the Labor Party on this issue? Considering they made $26 billion amongst them, these banks, in the last 12 months, that's super tax stuff. Why isn't there some sort of reform coming out of the government and why isn't it a super tax?

BILL SHORTEN: I mean, you do get a sense that Joe Hockey has captured a public mood on this, don't you?

BILL SHORTEN: Well, Terry raised a couple of points. First of all, I don't think the Liberal Party is outdoing Labor in terms of social reform. That was the general statement, then you went to banking. If I want to look at social reform, I can look at everything from climate change through to industrial relations, through to a whole host - to health care.

GEORGE BRANDIS: You haven't done much good there.

Now, we all know that The AGW hoax is part of the Greens' Political Ideology. Long Term MP Kevin Andrews has an excellent series of articles mentioned in Quadrant Online.

Despite the emphasis on the environment, “the Greens are not a single issue party.” Their objective is clear: “to transform politics and bring about Green government.” The Australian Greens are part of a worldwide movement that is actively engaged in the political process. As their writings state, this objective involves a radical transformation of the culture that underpins western civilization. As a political party, they should be treated like any other political party and subjected to the same scrutiny. 

The complete text of Kevin Andrews's analysis: 
The Greens Agenda: Part 1 Western culture and the Greens is here… 
The Greens Agenda: Part 2 Ideology is here 
The Greens Agenda: Part 3 Economic Policies is here… 
The Greens Agenda: Part 4 Social and other policies is here…

From Part 1:   Jack Mundey and the green bans
The modern Greens party however had an earlier origin in the green bans applied by the Builders Labourers Federation in the 1970s in New South Wales. Indeed the visit to Australia by the German activist, Petra Kelly, in 1977, was influential in the foundation of the German Greens. The then leader of the BLF, Jack Mundey, was subsequently invited to conferences in Europe and North America. Mundey, a Communist Party official and candidate, who led the militant New South Wales Builders Labourers union, described himself as “an ecological Marxist.” Speaking years after the Communist Party folded, and a New Left party failed to gain support beyond Trotskyist and anarchist groupings, Mundey prophesised that “in the future there is a possibility of …. what I’d call a Green Red future of socialism.” In addition to Marx and Engels, Mundey was influenced by the overpopulation jeremiad of Paul Ehrlich.
So you were warned by Jack Mundey about the "Green Red future of socialism."

And now we have a leading member of IPCC admitting the same thing. German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer has openly admitted all it is, really, is a Marxist exercise in minority grievance-mongering and wealth redistribution on a global scale.
"We redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy."

Link is in German but has been translated into English by GWPF.