Sunday, 7 November 2010

Climate of Change?

Read my lips: No Carbon Tax
We have seen POTUS Obama turn his back on Cap-n-Trade during the last week. Julia today says that she will push ahead with our Carbon tax to insure our future prosperity.  When people will be hit with a useless tax and  many companies will die or move off-shore, surely Ms Gillard meant to insure our future economic destruction. What happened to her pre-election promise of "No Carbon Tax." Julia should look at a recent poll in Scientific American:

There is a link to the poll in the title above.

Results included:

1. Should climate scientists discuss scientific uncertainty in mainstream forums?  Yes- 90%

3. What is causing climate change?   Natural Processes  77.5%

4. The IPCC, or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is
       an effective group of government representatives, scientists and other experts.   15.9%
      a corrupt organization, prone to groupthink, with a political agenda.     83.4%
     something to do with Internet protocols.   0.7%

Other questions included What should we do about climate change? 68.4% said NOTHING, and when asked how much would they be willing to pay to forestall the risk of catastrophic climate change,  8/10 replied NOTHING.     

(With thanks to JeffT)