Monday, 4 October 2010

Climate trust needs verification

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir / Madam, May I alert readers to the inconsistencies of people wanting a CO2 tax in Australia.

They trust IPCC conclusions while ignoring IPCC climate scientists who do not accept that CO2 causes dangerous global warming. (e.g. Richard Lindzen, John Christy, Vincent Gray, Ross McKitrick, Miklos Zagoni, Bill Kininmonth etc.

They trust IPCC reports while dozens of "IPCC statements " have been proven false (e.g. a claim glaciers in the Himalayas would be gone by 2035, an impossibility.)

They trust satellite data while satellite recording equipment is getting more faulty, recording higher temperatures than those actually occurring. (e.g. a USA town was recorded by a satellite at over 600 degrees C - another impossibility)

They trust the IPCC but cannot name one IPCC scientist who can show
CO2 will overheat the planet.

They ignore findings of highly credible groups like Britain`s Royal Society (which has now agreed the climate science is inconclusive) to bring in a carbon tax.

They trust IPCC predictions of higher global temperatures - while global temperatures have been flat over the last 12 years.

They trust we can use 100% renewables to power Australia - when anything more than 15% will be impossible due to wind and solar power not able to generate power all day and everyday.

They trust the world will join Australia in a high Carbon price - yet USA's carbon price collapsed to ten cents a tonne because its worthless. They are leading our country to economic destruction based on false beliefs.

Let's have a Royal Commission
into the science to see if they are correct.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics

Where’s my Global Warming Dude?

It's only weather, but,

Melbourne - Coldest September month in 16 years
Melbourne has had its coldest September in 16 years, with only one day this month above 20 degrees.

Adelaide - Coldest September in 18 years.
Warmer days ahead will provide Adelaide residents with a good thawing out after enduring their coldest September in 18 years, according to

The city had an average maximum of just 17 degrees, two degrees colder than the long-term norm, making it the coldest September since 1992 in terms of daytime temperatures. In fact, there was only one day which warmed to 20 degrees, on Monday the 13th, the fewest 20-degree days in September in 18 years.

Sydney - Coldest Winter in 13 years.
After their coldest winter in 13 years Sydney residents have just experienced their coldest September in five years, according to

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