Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rob Oakshott called to allow the light to shine on the science of global warming?

Press Release

President of the Climate Sceptics Leon Ashby has called for Rob Oakeshott to co- organise a fair debate between the two positions on global warming.

Ashby ,the Centenary medal environmentalist who has examined the issue for the last 7 years says "those who are sceptical have been called abusive names (e.g. Deniers) but our science has never been examined publicly. We do not question variations in climate - only that greenhouse gases are the dominant cause."

The leader of the lobby and political group says "Dr Ferenc Miskolczi has calculated the greenhouse effect from atmospheric measurements over the last 60 years and shown the greenhouse effect has not increased."

"Professor Richard Lindzen has looked at the radiation (Heat) from the atmosphere over the last 25 years and also shown the greenhouse effect has not increased".

"Dr Roy Spencer has demonstrated that when extra warming occurs on the earth, then extra water vapour will cause rainfall events that cool the earth thereby preventing runaway global warming - A self regulating process".

Mr Ashby concludes "No scientist in the world has yet negated the research or published papers countering these three scientists. So if the science of these three brilliant scientists never gets examined publicly this amounts to either censorship or a cover up".

"I call on Rob Oakeshott to follow his own advice and let the light shine on this subject before parliament ever votes on a carbon dioxide tax".

"If we tax carbon dioxide while science shows it's harmless to the planet - How stupid is that?"

Leon Ashby

President The Climate Sceptics