Wednesday, 25 August 2010

"Katter speaks good sense" TCS President Leon Ashby

Leon Ashby, TCS president writes:

Katter speaks good sense

While many are cynical of Bob Katter, he speaks more sense than most politicians.

I fully support his demand for a government that will address the neglect to Rural Australia about policies that have removed farming rights, reduced industry competitiveness and increased the number of suicides in the bush. These issues are a symptom of Australia yielding to unnecessary international and Green pressures.

I also support Bob Katter`s call for the Bradfield water diversion scheme to be built. It could bring another Murray river's worth of water to the inland to drought-proof much of it and deliver extra volumes to the Murray-Darling system so irrigators in that system do not have to have their water rights removed further. This would be a win / win / win project costing not much more than the tragic insulation batts program

I also believe Australia should make all imports comply with the same standards of quality and biosecurity as Australian products or not be allowed to be imported.

Australian governments have allowed lower standard imports to out-compete our products in our markets. If the three independents (The Three Amigos) can get one of the major parties to act on these issues and bring back some logic and a vision for rural Australia, we could progress as a nation instead of slowly destroying most of our industries and switching off our reliable power stations for intermittent wind power.

To save wasting $Billions, I hope The Three Amigos will demand a royal commission into the science of Carbon dioxide's effect on the climate. There is no scientist with evidence that CO2 is causing the planet to overheat, (if there was, just name the scientist.) This process would only be due diligence. We have nothing to fear from it.

Leon Ashby President The Climate Sceptics.