Tuesday, 10 August 2010


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The media focus is on Abbott and Gillard.
But the real battle is for the marginal votes and the marginal seats
in both houses of Parliament. That is where the election will be determined.
Here the preference deal between Greens and ALP threatens to give the Green minority a major say in Australia’s future. They could hold the balance of power in the Senate, with veto power over either side. (There may already be a deal with the ALP on what is passed on Global Warming.)

If you think we need to have some sense on Climate and Carbon,


Who should get your No 1 vote?
Naturally “Carbon Sense” recommends those parties with Carbon Sense.

Our No 1 recommendation is “The Climate Sceptics”,
with Senate Candidates in every state.
Check this site for candidates:

After that, almost every minor party except the Greens is sceptical of the idea that we should try to remove carbon dioxide, the Gas of Life,
from our atmosphere.
The Nationals and Family First have vigorously opposed Penny Wong’s Ration-N-Tax Scheme Scheme in the Parliament and deserve support.
As do Dennis Jensen & Cory Bernardi, who are consistent opponents of Carbon Stupidity.

The DLP and the Liberal Democratic Party have sensible carbon policies.
And there may be other minor parties and individual candidates with Carbon Sense.
And despite Greg Hunt and Malcolm Turnbull,
the Liberals have more Carbon Sense than ALP,
so the ALP should be second last.

In summary, number every square,
put those Parties with Carbon Sense first, and

None of the Climate Sceptic Candidates will get exposure in the big media.
So we must spread their word via the internet, letters, and personal contacts.
This is a crucial election.
Please make a Special Effort to Spread the Word.

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosevale, Qld, Australia
Phone 07 5464 0533
Email: Info@carbon-sense.com


Funding for How To Votes for Leon Ashby being elected as a Senator in South Australia

Good Evening all recipients of this email,

This is to seek your assistance with a specific need for donations to purchase printing of How To Votes (HTV’s) so that Leon Ashby has the best shot at being elected as a South Australian Senator in the Federal Parliament.

From past experience I can assure you that having Leon elected to the Parliament is the best way for The Climate Sceptics to be acknowledged as a force in Australian politics.

The artwork (including an overlay) for Leon Ashby’s How to Votes (HTV’s) is attached to this email. A copy of today’s Quotation from Gambier Printing is also attached.

I would be grateful if you could donate or guide me towards other people who might be willing to assist in funding the printing of his HTV’s.

Leon, as President of The Climate Sceptics (TCS), and others around him have already donated significant funds towards other aspects of his campaign. His home-made ads are already appearing on South Australian TV to good effect.

Scrutiny of the 2007 votes showed that South Australia is the most prospective State for a Lead Senate Candidate from the conservative side of politics to gain the sixth Senate seat in the Federal Parliament. I have calculated that, should Leon gain 4 percent or more of the primary votes, he is in with a good chance; 2 percent does not get him elected.

There are a significant number of Nick Xenophon voters to accounted for – 15 percent in 2007. Xenophon’s No Pokies Party does not have a candidate in 2010. All those who voted for Xenophon in 2007 have to make a fresh decision as to who they will vote for this time. We must do all we can to convince these voters to vote for Leon – not for The Greens. Hence the overlay on his HTV’s.

Printing and judicious distribution of 600,000 HTV’s will enable TCS people to place a HTV in the hands of 75 percent of those going to vote at the 430 most prospective Polling Centres in South Australia. There are another 340 smaller Centres in South Australia that we will consciously not attend.

We must do all we can to ensure that The Greens do not have the balance of power in the Senate.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Leon is a good man who is doing all he can humanly do to keep The Greens out of the parliament and then, if he is elected, to be there for 6 years to keep those who are elected honest.

Your assistance in helping me to raise funds for this specific purpose would be greatly appreciated.

This can be by calling me to make a donation for this specific purpose or by on-forwarding this email to others who might be willing to do the same.

If one person donated the total $7150.00 required that would be magnificent.

Perhaps two people will donate $3575, OR 7 people will donate $1025 which could all be claimed as a Tax Deduction.

I would like to speak with anyone who is willing to assist in any capacity with this urgent matter.

Please call me any time up to 11 PM in the next few days.