Thursday, 15 July 2010

Prince Charles blasts Climate Sceptics

Oh dear, now we not only have to cope with the two Pennies - Wong and Sackett - now we also have Royalty deriding us.

From the UK Press Association:

The Prince of Wales has launched a stinging attack on "climate sceptics", deriding them for peddling "pseudo science".

In a speech to world business leaders at a climate change seminar Charles criticised the group for apparently intimidating people from "adopting the precautionary measures necessary to avert environmental collapse".

Apparently intimidating people? What did the Climategate mob do to editors re peer-reviewing anti-AGW papers?

Charles is further quoted: "People have heard the climate sceptics and attempted to listen to the kind of pseudo science they are peddling...I have endlessly been accused of peddling pseudo science, in one way or another, for most of my life - just think about the strange irony

Well, Charlie, we rely on Independent Scientists, oh, and Charlie...