Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Three Strikes and you're out, AGW

Howard Hayden, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Connecticut. submitted this comment on the draft of the U.S. State Department's Climate Action Report. He notes,

nary a word in the report even pretends to

* establish a link between CO2 and putative global warming

* show that the increase in CO2 concentration is due to human activity instead of natural causes (such as natural warming of the oceans)

* show that either an increase in CO2 concentration or an increase in temperature is, on balance, bad (or worse than laws restricting CO2 emissions) or

* do any science whatsoever.

Judgment on AGW

Judgment on AGW by Three Experts

Written By: J. Scott Armstrong, Kesten C. Green, and Willie Soon

Our research findings challenge the basic assumptions of the State Department’s Fifth U.S. Climate Action Report (CAR 2010). The alarming forecasts of dangerous manmade global warming are not the product of proper scientific evidence-based forecasting methods. Furthermore, there have been no validation studies to support a belief that the forecasting procedures used were nevertheless appropriate for the situation. As a consequence, alarming forecasts of global warming are merely the opinions of some scientists and, for a situation as complicated and poorly understood as global climate, such opinions are unlikely to be as accurate as forecasts that global temperatures will remain much the same as they have been over recent years. Using proper forecasting procedures we predict that the global warming alarm will prove false and that government actions in response to the alarm will be shown to have been harmful.