Friday, 2 July 2010

Climate News - 2nd July 2010.

Climate News 2nd July, 2010.

Lord Ron “the Con” Oxburgh admits that the “SCIENCE” was not part of his Climategate Whitewash!

He wrote the following to Steve McIntyre

Dear Dr Mcintyre,
Thank you for your message. What you report may or may not be the case. But as I have pointed out to you previously the science was not the subject of our study.
Yours sincerly,
Ron Oxburgh

Steve counters: Why would anyone have expected that science would be the subject of study of the Science Appraisal Panel? Well, there’s a good reason why they would. The University of East Anglia and Muir Russell said over and over again that the Science Appraisal Panel would, uh, “re-appraise” CRU’s “science”.

A few humans make Victoria much warmer
From Andrew Bolt:

Retired school principal Kenskingdom was alarmed by (a) Bureau of Meterology graph, showing a strong warming trend for Victoria:

He checked the data from which the trend, and found it had first been adjusted and turned into “high quality” data. As a BOM spokesman assured him:
On the issue of adjustments you find that these have a near zero impact on the all Australian temperature because these tend to be equally positive and negative across the network (as would be expected given they are adjustments for random station changes).
Climate Change could cause a Flood

We’ve heard it before you say? Well, this will be a flood of Climate Refugees!

Australia could face a wave of climate refugees from neighboring Pacific islands unless rich nations help poorer countries with climate change, U.N. scientist warned.
Pacific islands are especially vulnerable to rising sea levels and it is "very likely" that a large-scale relocation of people would be necessary, Martin Parry, visiting professor at the Center for Environmental policy at Imperial College in London, said Tuesday at a conference of more than 900 climate change researchers in Australia.


Why Do AGW Climate Scientists Feel The Need To Exaggerate or Lie?

AGW Climate Scientist Exposes The Truth'
An AGW climate scientist attempted to explain what was happening to his field. His simple synopsis then of the cause for the persistent lies and exaggerations appears rather obvious now in 2010: Money & Fame.
1. "Scientists compete with each other for finite resources, just like bankers and corporations. In this case, successful competitors are those who are rewarded by their universities or institutions. In all science, this means publishing research articles in the refereed scientific literature. That research costs tremendous amounts of money and there really is only one provider: Uncle Sam.....No one gets much of this pie by claiming that his or her issue may, in fact, be no big deal. Instead, any issue – take global warming, acid rain, and obesity as examples, must be portrayed in the starkest of terms. Everything is a crisis, and all the crises are competing with each other [for the "money"].

They have to lie to get the research money! What a surprise!!