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Whats Up with the Climate? Anthony Watts in Emerald

Media Release - Thursday, 13 May 2010

“Watts Up With The Climate” Tour Comes to Emerald

A symposium questioning human-caused climate change and the costs of mitigation to rural Australia is being held at the Emerald Town Hall on Saturday 19th of June..

Dr David Stockwell said that a new political party -- the Climate Sceptics Party -- is hosting a series of forums around Australia, with talks by accomplished climate sceptics presenting the other side of the argument on climate change, starting at 7:30pm.

“More people are stepping up to say that the evidence of impending catastrophe due to carbon emissions is just not there”, said Dr Stockwell.

Renowned commentator Anthony Watts, Professor Bob Carter, Scientist David Archibald, and Scientist Dr Stockwell will present the evidence against anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Anthony Watts is a meteorologist from Denver, USA and runs one of the most popular climate blogs on the web called ‘’”.

Bob Carter is an author and Professor of Geology at James Cook University, Townsville and has spoken at similar events around Queensland on the exaggeration of the risks of sea level rise.”

David Archibald, also a geologist and author of Solar Cycle 24 believes the world will continue cooling and carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference.”

“Climate change has been co-opted into a narrow political agenda dressed in overstated scientific claims, and the purpose of these forums is to provide an opportunity to generate a more realistic, option-rich approach.”

“The Government has postponed the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) but is still estimated to be spending 2 billion dollars of our money on a non-existent problem.”

“Many businesses are paying the cost of reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS). Soon every business, including agriculture and mining, if it crosses thresholds of energy used or produced will have to buy renewable energy certificates, further pushing up costs.”

“Many scientists do believe that global warming will be a problem in the future, but my research has shown these beliefs are largely based on projections by computer models with a history of failed predictions.”

Dr Stockwell said its time to step back and re-evaluate the evidence, and determine if the costs of mitigation are really worth it.

“When people in the city realised how much an ETS would increase electricity prices they dropped it like a hot cake. But they don’t realise how much emission controls would cost the agricultural, grazing and mining industries in places like the Central Highlands.”

“Restrictions to clearing of vegetation are already costing farmers their farms.”

A meeting of Property Rights Australia, a group that fights for farmers’ rights, is also being held before the symposium, with registration starting at 8:00am.
Cattleman and president of Property Rights Australia, Ron Bahnisch, says carbon controls are just another push from the green groups and will ruin the productive capacity of rural Australia.
“PRA provides support, through the Property Rights Australia Fighting Fund, to legal test cases and matters of significance to protect and wherever possible enhance property rights for the benefit of property owners and their communities.”

“Our members could not believe that Anthony Watts was coming to Emerald, and he would be speaking at our AGM”, Ron said.

“His web site has a big following among farmers who are great weather watchers and Anthony is a straight-talking meteorologist who understands the limitations of the weather data that been collected to justify global warming.”

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