Monday, 22 March 2010

Richard Glover's Pixelated view of the IPCC AR4

First it was Agmates Christine Milne preaching to ABC employees to disobey their employer.

"The Australian Greens today urged ABC journalists to ignore the anti-science nonsense peddled by the Chair of their board and instead increase their strong coverage of climate change."

Now it appears that ABC Broadcaster and SMH columnist Richard Glover has taken her advice to ignore his employer.

Unfortunately, Richard makes some mistakes. His first mistake is only four words into the article. The four words: "Do climate-change sceptics..." Richard, all sceptics accept that climate changes. I think you mean Anthropogenic Global warming Sceptics.

Richard, you also say we sceptics have an obsession with 1998. No, Richard. That was due to the ENSO. Years that should be looked at are:
The Minoan Warm Period (1450-1300 BC) with temperatures much warmer than today:
The Roman Warm period (250BC-450 AD) when temperatures were 2-6º warmer than today;
The Medievil Warm Period (900-1300 AD) when temperatures were at least 2º warmer than today.

Wikipedia states:- "In the last 4,000 years, there have been three distinct periods of "global warming" - the Minoan Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Medieval Warm Period. All of these periods saw temperatures higher than anything we have yet experienced during the current warming period. Yet humans prospered during these times. We have written accounts of the Roman and Medieval Warm periods proving this to be the case. Crop yields were higher, death rates were lower, animals and plants that humans depended on were more plentiful. Though no written accounts have survived from the Minoan Warm Period, archaeological evidence indicates that this period was also unusually prosperous for humans around the world."

If we start the graphs from any of these, the trend line is down. However, Richard, as Wiki says above, a few degrees warmer is not bad but beneficial.

Now here's where you really fall over Richard. You say: "Point three is the way they search out errors in very large documents and then claim one error renders the whole document false."

Oh Dear, Richard, you mention google. Google "Mistakes IPCC AR4.
Besides, the grossly incorrect Himalayan glacier melt report produced from gossip, you will find, inter alia, incorrect reports about North African Crop Production; Incorrect claims about proportion of the Netherlands below sea level; incorrect Antarctic Sea Ice trends,; falsity of Amazon Forests depletion...etc etc
The London Times: "UN to review errors made by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change"

One error, Richard? Do your own research. So many more than one!

So take way your falsehood/;

Don't perpetuate the lies.

Examine the deception

Rub that butter from your eyes!

Please examine what does trouble you

Find the truth of AGW.

Perhaps the next Dag's Dictionary should included:

AGW -ABC's Great Wrongdoing