Thursday, 4 March 2010

Grandfather or Godfather Hansen Here

Fran Kelly says that the Emissions Trading Scheme is "looking like a political dead duck in Australia and America." in a story headed: "The grandfather of climate science."

On the other hand, The SMH and the Age call him the Godfather of Climate Science.

He is quoted as saying: "If we had a democracy where decisions were based on the public's best interest, then that would be taken up in a heartbeat,'' Dr Hansen said in Melbourne yesterday. ''Neither of the major parties gets it - or they don't want to get it." Actually, if we had a democracy where decisions were based on the public's best interest, then we would close all our Climate Change offices and stop wasting money. (see below)

Australian Climate Madness calls him a "Homer Simpson lookalike.."

Call him what you will, as the AGW "science" is crumbling, he will still be spreading his warming doom and gloom story as he travels around Australia.

Meanwhile, Bob Carter was gagged by the ABC when, after their invitation, he presented a reply to the drivel of Clive Hamilton.So Bob presented his piece to Quadrant.
Bob reports that worldwide spending on global warming alarmism and "related research and greenhouse bureaucracy of more than US$10 billion annually."

Professor Carter's article ends:

As Senator Fielding’s four scientific advisors – all of whom are experienced and independent climate scientists – have recommended in their due diligence report (item 7) on the advice being provided to Climate Minister Wong by her department:

Parliament should defer consideration of the CPRS bill and institute a fully independent Royal Commission of enquiry into the evidence for and against a dangerous human influence on climate. We add ..... that the scientific community is now so polarised on the controversial issue of dangerous global warming that proper due diligence on the matter can only be achieved where competent scientific witnesses are cross-examined under oath and under strict rules of evidence”.