Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Climate Sceptic initiates campaign against "attack on democracy"

Independent Climate Sceptic Nathan Ashby has launched a campaign opposing the state government's new legislation banning anonymous online political comments.

"This is a blatant attack on democracy," he said. "Not only are they attempting to stifle political dissent, the same law makes it harder for new parties to form and bans cheap stobie pole campaigning for future elections."

"These changes in the law were supported by the Liberals and the Greens, and are clearly aimed at silencing protest and squashing small groups before they can get traction. We as a state community need to challenge our power hungry politicians who want to rule rather than serve". I notice the legislation was not flagged publicly which is another part of politics that concerns me. Sneaking in new legislation hoping the public doesn`t notice.

"That is why I'm asking for other independents and minor parties to join me in campaigning against these draconian laws and calling for people to vote against the major parties that brought the legislation in."

Neither is Mr Ashby impressed by Attorney-General Michael Atkinson's promise not to enforce the new laws following public backlash.

"The Government is promising they will repeal the law they themselves have just imposed - but only after the election. They clearly will do whatever they can get away with - without regard for proper democracy".
Mr Ashby is standing for election as a Member of the Legislative Council in SA. The Climate Sceptics stand for "Truth before Politics" and "Common sense before ideology" and will look at every issue on its merits with truthful analysis and a practical cost effective approach. Freedom of speech, open public debate, and greater transparency in government decisions are some of core principles of the group soon to be registered as a federal political party.

Climate Sceptic initiates campaign against "attack on democracy"

Nathan Ashby
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