Tuesday, 7 December 2010

No Rerun for “Rudd’s Folly”

The Carbon Sense Coalition today said that Australia must not renew its Kyoto Agreement.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that the current failing agreement was signed without due diligence by Kevin Rudd and should be referred to as “Rudd’s Folly”.
Forbes continued:

“Appropriately, the death notice for the Kyoto mis-adventure was posted by Japan, the birthplace of Kyoto, when their representative at Cancun Resort announced:

“Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.”

“Thus the four biggest economies in our region (USA, China, Japan and India) will not sign; nor will Australia’s big competitors in Brazil (iron and beef), Indonesia (coal), Chile (copper) or Canada (wheat).

“If Australia is foolish enough to renew its Kyoto liabilities it will find itself isolated in the Pacific with only gullible Kiwis and faraway Europeans for company.

“The old Soviets have benefitted from Kyoto by outsmarting everyone on choosing the base year. No one else will achieve the unrealistic Kyoto targets, which is lucky because they could not be achieved without a repeat of the Great Depression or the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“The use of carbon fuels, more than any other index, indicates the health of the real economy. The only way to kill carbon is to kill the economy.

“Japan was shocked to realise the billions in liabilities they had accumulated by not meeting Kyoto target cuts.

“Australia avoided a similar fate by robbing Australian landowners. They stole carbon credits from landowners by imposing vegetation clearing bans. This trick can’t be pulled twice.

“Kyoto also spawned many other wasteful schemes like pink batts, wind and solar toys, carbon burial schemes and regulatory empires.

“The Kyoto Agreement is a costly failure, and the international meetings which document the failure have degenerated into the farce now on display at Cancun.

“Minister Combet should enjoy his tropical holiday, keep his pen in his pocket and sign nothing.”

More Info:     http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/dec/01/cancun-climate-change-summit-japan-kyoto

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  1. I think that the continual assertion that "warming has slowed" is ill advised. The figures aren't conclusive enough for my liking. As Peter Smith remarks today in Climate Riposte (quadrant on line,)"
    "On the 1979-2010 satellite temperature record, the 13 month moving average has not fallen below, and has been generally above, the 1979-98 average since around 1995."
    It is still likely/possible that 2010 will come in at one of the hottest year on the modern record.
    When we enter areas of uncertainty we are arguing on the opposition's ground. Let's concentrate on getting them to establish their position instead of manufacturing a counter position which may prove to be on sands just as shifting as theirs.

    BTW. I don't agree with the rush into nuclear power (maybe a case can be made for WA) and am a proponent of coal i the Australian context. However I see nuclear as a valid fall back if the GHG debate were to be lost. but for those pro nuclear people in the movement, Smith finishes with a great line.
    "It [nuclear power] will also prevent gnashing of divine teeth. "Holy Moses, I gave them Einstein to unlock the secrets of the atom and they are building windmills?" "

    Patrick Kelly


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