God having fun with climate meetings?

Letter to Editors from President of TCS - Leon Ashby

Dear Sir / Madam,

It appears God is having fun with climate meetings where people believe they can play God and control the planet`s climate.
Following the very cold weather at Copenhagen last year, the Cancun Climate agreement was decided when
  •  Cancun recorded  6 consecutive record low temperatures for December  http://tinyurl.com/2fxvusy
  • Snow was falling unexpectedly in England and record low temperatures were being recorded in various places in Europe.
  • The number of international dissident scientists who have stated the science does not back up CO2 causing dangerous global warming reached 1000 -http://tinyurl.com/2fn543n
  • Above average rainfall was occurring over much of Australia with the Murray river in good flow.

One wonders what will happen during the next Climate meeting.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics