Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Carbon tax advocates - Please explain.

Letter to the editor - by Leon Ashby, President The Climate Sceptics

Dear Sir /Madam,
                             Some readers could be unsure what the correct facts are about the climate, so could any CO2 tax advocates answer these questions.

Since 2000, it has been claimed by many politicians and greens that the Planet would get hotter, more droughts would occur, less snow would fall and sea levels would rise so
where is the evidence because.  
  • Europe is having its third consecutive cold winter;
  • Britain is having the coldest December since records began in 1910;
  • The Antarctic ice sheet has reached its largest area since satellite records began;
  • Australia's Murray river is in full flow;
  • Global sea levels have been stationary for 4 years; 
  • Global temperatures have not risen above 1998s temperatures and
  • The Climategate emails showed climate records have been falsified.

Although the man-made global warming scare is still believed in - like unicorns, the tooth fairy, and a flat earth, there is no verifiable evidence it exists.

So CO2 tax advocates, if you have truth on your side, please prove two things - both logically needed in the debate:-
  1. Greenhouse gases (e.g. water vapour, CO2 etc) are collectively overheating the planet.
  2. That a carbon dioxide tax in Australia will be able to impact on the global climate.

Leon Ashby

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