Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Loopy Virginia Trioli doesn't know who she is

We all remember that disgraceful moment when a producer cut back to Virginia Trioli making a rude gesture about Barnaby. This probably showed two things. One Virginia is not that intelligent and, two, she is not well liked by the production crew.

Although she indicates that she thinks Barnaby Joyce is loopy, now we can see that she definitely is just a reader of the auto-cue without any comprehension of what she is reading:


Will the real Michael Rowland please stand up?


  1. What else would you expect from the ABC? They are such a bunch of of over egotistical wankers!

  2. But, Anonymous, according to Wikipedia she is an award winning journalist.

    Do you think that she earned that for her reading skills of for her comprehension of the subject material?

  3. There is a big gap between what is deemed politically correct and what is common sense. Trioli seems unable to bridge this gap which makes her unsuitable to have a public forum at her disposal. Wonder why. Maybe she spends too much time with the socialist left, greenies and feminists and no time with the mainstream.


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