Politicians being called to support a royal commission into the Science on Global Warming

Press Release
Politicians being called to support a royal commission into the Science on Global Warming

The President of The Climate Sceptics Leon Ashby has announced that its supporters are going to campaign and lobby vigorously for a royal commission into the science on Global Warming over the coming months.
The party is all fired up over the idea that a committee will debate the price and mechanism for reducing CO2, without checking the actual proof that CO2 emissions are the cause of Global warming.

Mr Ashby says "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been discredited. With some of its findings being taken from non peer reviewed comments from various green groups and falsified Temperature records, we owe it to our nation to get our facts correct."
The Environmental award winner believes we need the scientific facts to be clear in this issue.
"If it was conclusively demonstrated that by adding 3 parts per ten thousand of CO2 to the air by 2010 sea levels will rise 6 metres, I will gladly change my views on the matter and campaign for action" he said
"However If the evidence shows increasing CO2 levels will make no discernible difference to global temperatures or sea levels then we must realise a CO2 tax is a useless action.
I believe a royal commission that examines evidence from the worlds leading scientists and researchers would bring the scientific debate to a fair conclusion."

The questions we want answered are these

1) Is Global warming predominately natural or man-made? (i.e. caused by greenhouse gases)

2) Which Scientists have been able to describe, collect data on and calculate the greenhouse effect showing it is (or is not) increasing due to Human Greenhouse emissions?

3) If CO2 levels rise to 700 ppm, what Global temperature and sea level increases are able to be calculated as the result?

4) What will it cost an average Australia family of four (per year) to achieve CO2 levels at 20%, 40% and 100% below today levels?

5) What level of commitment from overseas countries makes CO2 reduction in Australia worthless and pointless?

Once these questions are answered by a royal commission, as a society we can then reach an agreed position on action much more easily.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics
Centenary Medal recipient for services to conservation and the environment