Murray / Murrumbidgee Irrigation water plan a likely catastrophe

Press Release by President Leon Ashby.

Former Irrigator, Environmental award winner and SA Senate Candidate for the Climate Sceptics, Leon Ashby has called the held back report an "obvious catastrophe for Irrigators" along both river systems.
He said "There are rumours it will advocate cuts of up to 65% in water rights. It will destroy farmers livelihoods, rural businesses and rural towns if it gets sanctioned. These people have done nothing wrong. I believe the reason it has not been released shows just how disasterous it will be."

Just starting to campaign for the election, the Mt Gambier landholder says: "The biggest disappointment is that this report will demonstrate our thinkers are blinded by green thinking. They have no compassion for people, just a bloody mindedness to destroy thousands of peoples livelihoods. The Murray river has run dry hundreds of times throughout history including four times in the early 1900s before the series of Locks and weirs were installed. The ecosystem recovered each time and it shows there is a resilience in nature far greater than Green thinkers wish to accept."

The former Landcare secretary says "As someone who has farmed in Northern Queensland for a decade I know there are solutions that should be considered including bringing water from Northern Australia where six times the water of the Murray Darling System runs out to sea each year. It's a system that can be designed using gravity to run the water into our Murray system".

"If elected to the senate I would work towards finding Win / Win solutions where extra water comes into the system, and at the lower end of the Murray the community designs the best option for assisting the lakes ecosystems. I am aware of several practical options communities could consider and to just trust people with green ideology to solve our water issues is perhaps the worst possible outcome. They have little belief in the robustness of nature or consideration for the pressures of farming upon which to base their decisions. "

The Climate sceptics do not accept greenhouse gases cause climate change, they believe weather patterns are cyclical over 20 and 40 year cycles and Australia needs to design our water needs accordingly but realising Nature is much more robust than Green ideology dictates.