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A Price to pay for Carbon

The Red Green, Bob Brown, has said that he wants a price on carbon. This has been echoed by Foolya Julia and Ms Penny (New Hat) Wong. Well, The Chicago Climate Exchange was formed in 2000 and began trading in carbon (dioxide) credits in 2003. Some of the owners include Goldman Sachs and the company Al Gore co-founded - Generation Investment Management.

Initial Funding came from the Joyce Foundation, a body ostensibly set up to protect the natural environment of the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region, and to ensure that its people have access to good schools, decent jobs, and a diverse and thriving culture.The person on the board of the Joyce Foundation that secured the initial funding for this project? Barack Obama.

And what did Mr Obama say about Cap-n-Trade, the US version of the ETS? "Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." Unfortunately, it is all starting to unravel.

(See link in title above) "Chicago Climate Exchange or CCX, is North America’s sole voluntary, legally binding greenhouse gas trading and carbon “offset” projects in North America and Brazil. Rueters reported on Aug 11th that Intercontinental Exchange Inc, the operating body for the CCX, will be scaling back major operations this month, a move that includes massive layoffs. This is likely due to the complete market free-fall of their only product… carbon emissions.

So really, does it matter what price Bob Brown and Julia Gillard put on Carbon Dioxide? In a falling market, anyone stupid enough to fall for the AGW hoax and wanting to buy carbon credits can buy them for bargain basement prices overseas!

Saturday, 28 August 2010



Whilst the issues of climate change and a carbon price have been mentioned during the election campaign, the greatest moral and economic challenge of our time, does seem to have fallen off the radar.
Could it partly relate to last week’s admission by the US Government that a decade of satellite measurements by NOAA may be undermined by a faulty satellite. One reading of 612 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in parts of Wisconsin. If similar errors have gone unnoticed for a decade, could this explain global warming?
Late last year we came very close to introducing an emissions trading scheme. At Copenhagen we were in the cheer leaders’ squad in favor of signing up to a heavy handed international treaty. Our new PM told us a few weeks ago, we need to begin to rethink the way we live and work. Now we realize that all this effort and talk was partly based on the data from a faulty satellite, as well as our East Anglia friends. What the electorate needs right now is The Climate Sceptics party’s voice in the Parliament.
Bill Koutalianos
NSW Senate Candidate
The Climate Sceptics

Friday, 27 August 2010

Open Letter to Rob Oakeshott from Tim Curtin

Hi Mr Oakeshott

Congrats on your win.

However, I think you need to be more careful with your views on climate change,as they are based on a fraud. I am preparing a Brief for a Class Action ( hopefully to be led by Slater & Gordon) against the Australian Academy of Science and all those like you who go along with their wholly specious claim that there has been ANY global warming since 1900.
For example, the Australian Academy of Science's Report’s (August 2010) first graph (Fig. 3.1, p.7) purports to show the “global surface temperature anomalies relative to 1951-1980” from 1850 to 2010 (CRU) or from 1880-2010 (GISS, NCDC). The “anomalies” are mostly negative from 1850 or 1880 until the 1940s, and thereby create the impression from the positive anomalies since the 1970s that there has indeed been “warming” of global surface temperatures. That impression is solely an artefact of the absence of instrumental temperature measurements across most of the globe until the 1940s, above all in the Tropics, and that means the AAS Report’s Fig.3.1 is fraudulent in exactly the same manner as all claims by Bernard Madoff about the financial performance of his investment funds were fraudulent, as he confessed in December 2008. It is especially reprehensible for the authors of the AAC Report not to have checked their sources, as both the NCDC and GISS make no secret of the lack of even as much as 50 per cent global coverage of instrumentally measured surface temperatures before the 1940s, as shown in my Fig.1.1 (available at NCDC), which clearly shows the nearly complete absence of such records across the world’s hot TROPICS before 1950, while the “temperature anomaly” from 1950-1980 in the Report’s Fig.3.1 does include the tropics. That means a deceptive increase in the claimed global surface temperature from the base period of 1950-1980 which includes the tropics through exclusion of the Tropics before 1950. Similarly, the Report’s Fig. 3.2 showing the “anomaly” over the period 2005-2009 excludes perforce instrumental records across much of the higher latitudes, since they have a much reduced coverage (GISS, 2010). In particular, both the former USSR and Canada have a much reduced instrumental temperature coverage of their cooler and higher latitudes since 1990. If you persist with your misguided beliefs in the furphy of "anthropogenic climate change" when there is ZERO evidence for that in the instrumental record since 1850 or 1880, do take take out some professional indemnity insurance, as I fully intend to include you in my Class Action unless I see evidence NOW of a change of heart on your part. BTW, be aware I have given three seminars on all this at ANU since 2008, as you can see at my website. Tim Curtin

Wind Power Won't Cool Down the Planet but will kill birds

From the Wall Street Journal 23/8/10 by ROBERT BRYCE

Wind Power Won't Cool Down the Planet

Often enough it leads to higher carbon emissions.

The wind industry has achieved remarkable growth largely due to the claim that it will provide major reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. There's just one problem: It's not true. A slew of recent studies show that wind-generated electricity likely won't result in any reduction in carbon emissions—or that they'll be so small as to be almost meaningless.

This issue is especially important now that states are mandating that utilities produce arbitrary amounts of their electricity from renewable sources. By 2020, for example, California will require utilities to obtain 33% of their electricity from renewables.

Wind Turbines: 'Eco-friendly' - but not to eagles
By Christopher Booker

n all my scores of items over the years on why the obsession with wind turbines will be seen as one of the major follies of our age, there is one issue I haven’t touched on. The main practical objection to turbines, of course, is that they are useless, producing derisory amounts of electricity at colossal cost. (Yet the Government wants us to spend £100 billion on building thousands more of them which, even were it technically possible, would do virtually nothing to fill the fast-looming 40 per cent gap in our electricity supply.)

A feature of these supposedly environment-friendly machines that I haven’t mentioned, however, is their devastating effect on wildlife, notably on large birds of prey, such as eagles and red kites. Particularly disturbing is the extent to which the disaster has been downplayed by professional bodies, such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Britain and the Audubon Society in the US, which should be at the forefront of exposing this outrage, but which have often been drawn into a conflict of interest by the large sums of money they derive from the wind industry itself.


EDITORIAL: The Gulf's bird toll

Windmills slaughter more than oil spill

The death toll of the "worst environmental disaster in history" pales in comparison to the carnage wrought in the name of environmentalism. For example, the Altamont Pass, Calif., wind farm's cruel blades pulverize 4,700 birds each year, according to the National Audubon Society. Victims of this green power plant include golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels and burrowing owls. The windmill industry defends itself by claiming newer turbine blades turn more slowly, making it less likely that Tweety will meet his maker. It may only change the victim. According to a 2008 study of the high-tech wind farm in Judith Gap, Mont., the project's 90 turbines killed fewer birds, 406, but three times as many bats - 1,206.

The impact of the Gulf oil spill on tourism and the fishing and shrimp industries cannot be denied, but the wounds will soon heal. Environmentalism's avian holocaust will continue - 33,000 birds annually, according to a 2002 Fish and Wildlife Service estimate - until government pulls the plug on subsidies for inefficient, unnecessary and deadly windmills.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scientific Research not Scientific Consensus

Scientific Research not Scientific Consensus

In recent Days Independents Rob Oakeshott and Nick Xenophon have said Australia should reduce CO2 emissions because of the scientific consensus. They may not know this but "scientific consensus" is not science - Only "scientific research" is science. Three scientists:- Ferenc Miskolczi(pictured), Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer have different peer reviewed papers demonstrating Greenhouse gases cannot and will not over heat the planet. Their work is verifiable and there is no counter science to their work. It stands tall and strong in the literature. I want to ask all MPs - Will you attempt to reform parliamentary debate to make sure there is scientific research (rather than scientific consensus) that underpins legislation. This is symbolic of our future - will we build our future on "scientific rock" or "consensus sand".

Leon Ashby President The Climate Sceptics

Green Votes! The Wankers' Choice since 1972

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

"Katter speaks good sense" TCS President Leon Ashby

Leon Ashby, TCS president writes:

Katter speaks good sense

While many are cynical of Bob Katter, he speaks more sense than most politicians.

I fully support his demand for a government that will address the neglect to Rural Australia about policies that have removed farming rights, reduced industry competitiveness and increased the number of suicides in the bush. These issues are a symptom of Australia yielding to unnecessary international and Green pressures.

I also support Bob Katter`s call for the Bradfield water diversion scheme to be built. It could bring another Murray river's worth of water to the inland to drought-proof much of it and deliver extra volumes to the Murray-Darling system so irrigators in that system do not have to have their water rights removed further. This would be a win / win / win project costing not much more than the tragic insulation batts program

I also believe Australia should make all imports comply with the same standards of quality and biosecurity as Australian products or not be allowed to be imported.

Australian governments have allowed lower standard imports to out-compete our products in our markets. If the three independents (The Three Amigos) can get one of the major parties to act on these issues and bring back some logic and a vision for rural Australia, we could progress as a nation instead of slowly destroying most of our industries and switching off our reliable power stations for intermittent wind power.

To save wasting $Billions, I hope The Three Amigos will demand a royal commission into the science of Carbon dioxide's effect on the climate. There is no scientist with evidence that CO2 is causing the planet to overheat, (if there was, just name the scientist.) This process would only be due diligence. We have nothing to fear from it.

Leon Ashby President The Climate Sceptics.

Monday, 23 August 2010

James Cameron and his opinion which he is scared (like Al Gore) to debate.

Filmmaker Cameron has harsh words for global warming skeptics

German business leaders criticise cost of EU-driven renewable energy policy

German business leaders criticise cost of EU-driven renewable energy policy.

The front page of Handelsbatt reports that more than 40 of Germany's top business managers have criticised German Chancellor Angela Merkel's energy and industrial policies. They criticise in particluar renewable energy, which member states have to promote due to strict EU limits, writing "renewable energy, especially solar energy, will cause extra costs in the future and have already cost 8 billion euros this year alone.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rolling Stone vs NOAA

It's Rolling Stone versus the NOAA

From the devastating floods in Pakistan to the massive wildfires and deadly heat in Russia, which have conspired to fill the morgues in Moscow , we're now living in an era of Weather of Mass Destruction. And it has human fingerprints all over it.

However, is it true?

NOAA Finds That Russian Heat Wave Was 100% Natural - CO2 Warming Not Even A Factor

NOAA's statement:
(Link in title)
"...greenhouse gas forcing fails to explain the 2010 heat wave over western Russia. The natural process of atmospheric blocking, and the climate impacts induced by such blocking, are the principal cause for this heat wave. It is not known whether, or to what extent, greenhouse gas emissions may affect the frequency or intensity of blocking during summer. It is important to note that observations reveal no trend in a daily frequency of July blocking over the period since 1948, nor is there an appreciable trend in the absolute values of upper tropospheric summertime heights over western Russia for the period since 1900. The indications are that the current blocking event is intrinsic to the natural variability of summer climate in this region, a region which has a climatological vulnerability to blocking and associated heat waves (e.g., 1960, 1972, 1988)."

Friday, 20 August 2010

True in any language - CO2 is innocent

As the NSW Senate candidate for The Climate Sceptics I
would like to submit a translation of an extract from my 90 second statement
on SBS Greek radio last night for the benefit of English speaking
"I was concerned when I heard that some scientists believed man's emissions
were warming the atmosphere. When I studied the matter, I was pleased to
learn that climate change is natural and there were many scientists who
acknowledged this.
I became concerned once again when I realized our politicians had not
studied the matter well and were progressing down the path set out for them
by the United Nations. We are progressing towards a tax on carbon dioxide.
In other words, a tax on all humanity. I am concerned that science has been
hijacked by politics. Just yesterday I heard that the US Government now
admits there have been large errors in temperature readings made by (NOAA)
satellites over the last 10 years. Perhaps these errors explain global
warming rather than man's emissions. If we base our future on errors, on
lies, on the ideologies of the Greens and the unreliable technologies which
they are pushing, we will bring a great catastrophe upon society."

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Climate Sceptic candidates to announce their vision for Northern Water diversions to SA Murray River irrigators

Press Release

Climate Sceptic candidates to announce their vision for Northern Water diversions to SA Murray River irrigators

Aug 13th

On Monday Aug 16th at 10 am The Climate Sceptics will announce their Northern Australia Water diversion vision at Berri next to the River Murray.
Several Irrigator groups have been invited to attend the announcement and discuss the idea which Barker Candidate Steve Davies and Senate candidate Leon Ashby will explain.

Leon Ashby says "Australia has one of the world flattest inland landscapes that would lend itself to having the most efficient water diversion scheme in the world - if anti progress Green ideology was overcome."
The environment award winner says: "I lived in North Central Qld for a decade and saw the massive amounts of water that northern rivers have at times. I was runner up for a Qld Landcare research award which moved water gravitationally over a 10,000 acres rather than let it flow down several creeks) It was a mini version of what can be done across Australia."
The Senate candidate says "There are 4 areas in Australia where water diversions should be properly investigated (provided most of the water was used for irrigation and city purposes) which then pays for the scheme.

1) The Clarence River in Northern NSW north of Coffs Harbour (which has flooded 3 times in the last 18 months);

2) The Johnson, Tully, Herbert and Burdekin Rivers dammed up at Hells Gate
and then run through a tunnel to the western side of the great dividing range. (The cost of the dam was $750 million last time it was researched);

3) A diversion from the Flinders, Normanton and Gilbert Rivers down the west side of the Great dividing range; and

4) A pipeline from Lake Argyle in the Northern Territory across to Qld.

Mr Ashby adds: "In 1980s the Bjelke-Petersen government commissioned its own study. Bringing together four of Australia’s best-known hydraulic engineering firms - Gutteridge, Haskins & Davey; Monro & Johnson; McIntyre & Associates and Cameron McNamara - the State government formed the Bradfield (Northern Rivers) Study consortium in 1984.

This report was never released

Mr Ashby pledged that if elected to the SA Senate he will champion a visionary Northern River diversions system transparently pricing and evaluating each on their cost/ benefit ratio of volume water provided versus setup cost, and built in stages and structured so water and land sold as part of the scheme then paid for the building costs over time.

He concludes "Water could flow via gravity from Hells Gate in North Qld to Murray Bridge or almost anywhere in the Riverina if we desired it.
23% of Australias runoff (in other words 6 times the water in the Murray Darling) flow runs out into the Gulf of Carpentaria each year.
Only 3% of the water in Lake Argyle is used each year. There is oodles of water if we are not brainwashed into the anti progress green ideas

It is a plan that would stop Riverina farmers losing their water rights and bring greater prosperity to rural communities inland.

Stop Green Carnage - There is a better way
In the Senate - Vote 1 The Climate Sceptics

Friday, 13 August 2010

Climate Sceptics call for water diversions from Northern Australia.

Climate Sceptics call for water diversions from Northern Australia.

Climate Sceptics candidates Steve Davies (Barker) and Leon and Nathan Ashby (Senate) will tour Murray river towns early next week explaining their policy on water.

The party believes there is plenty of water in Australia and it would not support a water buy back policy for the River Murray but rather support diverting water from Northern Australian rivers as the solution for extra water to SA. It would be a vastly improved Bradfield scheme something proposed over 70 years ago by the designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, John Bradfield. Lead Senate candidate Leon Ashby says "Rivers such as the Clarence, Tully, Herbert, Burdekin, and Flinders in northern Australia have vast amounts flow into the sea during floods.
These floods could be diverted to flow to many places inland including down as far as Murray Bridge via gravity fed pipelines and channels

The Climate Sceptics President Leon Ashby has lived for a decade in northern Australia running several properties and says 6 times the total of the Murray Darling water runs out to sea into the Gulf of Carpentaria each year. "There is no need to relocate communities along the Murray river to northern Australia, just use the funds promised for the ETS and water buybacks into building a visionary inland water system that provides a win win for farmers, cities and the environment. It would help populate inland Australia rather than the decimation that green ideas of the major parties espouse," the former Landcare secretary said.

He adds: "Unfortunately Green Ideology prevents politicians of all parties from thinking logically. The ideology says no dams, no diversions, no development and no common sense.
It's just common sense that Northern river diversions are the obvious answer to Murray Darling basin and inland Australia's water concerns

Barker Candidate Steve Davies says: "Green ideology will not acknowledge the River Murray went dry 4 times in the early 1900s before weir and locks were built. Historically it's obvious the river system has gone dry hundred times in the past."
He concludes "Since the environment survived those times of no flows, we see no problem in looking after farmers irrigation needs ahead of environmental flows today."

Leon Ashby says: "Other political parties are putting the environment ahead of people. We see it differently. Climate change is cyclical, prosperity is necessary and environmental flows should cease when droughts occur so our rural communities can survive the tough times then when the waters return as they are doing now the environment recovers again."
"We see no need to take water from farmers. Many have made improvements in efficiency but they get no reward for it."
Leon Ashby concludes: "Should we get someone elected, we will work our backsides off fighting for practical solutions and primary producers rights."

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Call for debate on what level of Fuel we should manage the land towards

Call for debate on what level of Fuel we should manage the land towards

The Climate Sceptics SA lead Senate Candidate Leon Ashby has called for a debate on what is the best level of Vegetation to manage bushfires.
Mr Ashby says leading fire expert David Packham says fuel levels should be at 8 tonnes per hectare but our parks and reserves have up to 30 tonnes per ha.

The Vic bushfire report calls for restricting resettlement and housing development in areas where these fuel loads are high.

Ashby, the environmental award winner, says: "The report shows the mindset that trees are more valuable than human lives. Practical thinking land managers know that restricting bushfire fuel to less than 8 tonne per ha should be our community`s goal, but green laws defend trees and bushland beyond this common sense level.
The idea of greater prescribed burning is good, but it is never done sufficiently because green laws preserve too much fuel in parks and reserves and on the sides of roads in the first place

The Climate Sceptics party believes the Australian environment has been robust for thousands of years with Aboriginal controlled fires and natural fires occurring regularly.
Mr Ashby says: "In most areas of Australia, explorers diaries record that trees were much thinner with aboriginal management than today's thick bushland."

"We believe less intense preventative fires do not damage people or the environment the way very hot fires like Black Saturday do. The deaths of people in the Canberra, Port Lincoln and Kinglake fires are just some that Green laws are responsible for."
In our view we should be practical and go as far as it is necessary to protect human lives by vegetation thinning in the more dangerous fire areas.
If the environment survived with Aboriginal management, then we have plenty of room to move with regard to a level that protects People and the environment

In calling for a debate on the best level of vegetation Australia should keep our fire prone bushland to, the Mt Gambier landholder says: "the report is excessive to removing peoples rights about where to live rather than allow them the right to manage fuel levels on their land or on roads next to their home.
Certainly, the report has several good ideas, but it also shows how much they are scared to challenge the green ideology that believes in centralised Green control rather than freedom of the individual to make decisions to balance protection of the environment and themselves

GetOut of here, GetUp

Last week, after a submission by GetUp, the High Court made a decision that could allow up to 100,000 more Australians to vote in the August 21 election. Why extraordinary? Well, under the electoral act everyone has to be on the electoral rolls. If you reach 18, you should register. If you move you should notify your new address. And yet, in a majority ruling last week, the full bench of the High Court declared certain parts of the Electoral Act unconstitutional. Or to paraphrase, they opened to rolls to illegals, to people who had acted against the law and not enrolled.

What the High Court also did was to allow rorting of the rolls.

"Shadow special minister of state Senator Michael Ronaldson says he is pleased more people will be able to enrol to vote. "We are concerned this decision may potentially impact on the integrity of the electoral roll, and after the election we'll have another look and see if anything needs to be done to ensure the integrity of the electoral roll," he said.

Senator Ronaldson says Labor is not interested in the integrity of the roll and "has long been supporting rorters".

So, we can have false names and addresses added, we can have people getting up from the cemetries to vote. It has been done before. In the 1984 Election a boast was made that by rorting the rolls in marginal seats, they defeated the Liberals.

Howard made a concession to close the rolls on the day the election was announced. Why, oh why, didn't he make it harder to get on the electorsl rolls. It is easy to get on the rolls. Consider hiring a video? Last month I needed a bank cheque. All the ladies at my branck know me. However, to get that bank cheque, I had to show ID.

Why can I enroll to vote on my word? Why can I attend a polling booth on my word?

Geoff Brown
Senate Candidate for NSW

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


(Link in title)
The media focus is on Abbott and Gillard.
But the real battle is for the marginal votes and the marginal seats
in both houses of Parliament. That is where the election will be determined.
Here the preference deal between Greens and ALP threatens to give the Green minority a major say in Australia’s future. They could hold the balance of power in the Senate, with veto power over either side. (There may already be a deal with the ALP on what is passed on Global Warming.)

If you think we need to have some sense on Climate and Carbon,


Who should get your No 1 vote?
Naturally “Carbon Sense” recommends those parties with Carbon Sense.

Our No 1 recommendation is “The Climate Sceptics”,
with Senate Candidates in every state.
Check this site for candidates:

After that, almost every minor party except the Greens is sceptical of the idea that we should try to remove carbon dioxide, the Gas of Life,
from our atmosphere.
The Nationals and Family First have vigorously opposed Penny Wong’s Ration-N-Tax Scheme Scheme in the Parliament and deserve support.
As do Dennis Jensen & Cory Bernardi, who are consistent opponents of Carbon Stupidity.

The DLP and the Liberal Democratic Party have sensible carbon policies.
And there may be other minor parties and individual candidates with Carbon Sense.
And despite Greg Hunt and Malcolm Turnbull,
the Liberals have more Carbon Sense than ALP,
so the ALP should be second last.

In summary, number every square,
put those Parties with Carbon Sense first, and

None of the Climate Sceptic Candidates will get exposure in the big media.
So we must spread their word via the internet, letters, and personal contacts.
This is a crucial election.
Please make a Special Effort to Spread the Word.

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosevale, Qld, Australia
Phone 07 5464 0533


Funding for How To Votes for Leon Ashby being elected as a Senator in South Australia

Good Evening all recipients of this email,

This is to seek your assistance with a specific need for donations to purchase printing of How To Votes (HTV’s) so that Leon Ashby has the best shot at being elected as a South Australian Senator in the Federal Parliament.

From past experience I can assure you that having Leon elected to the Parliament is the best way for The Climate Sceptics to be acknowledged as a force in Australian politics.

The artwork (including an overlay) for Leon Ashby’s How to Votes (HTV’s) is attached to this email. A copy of today’s Quotation from Gambier Printing is also attached.

I would be grateful if you could donate or guide me towards other people who might be willing to assist in funding the printing of his HTV’s.

Leon, as President of The Climate Sceptics (TCS), and others around him have already donated significant funds towards other aspects of his campaign. His home-made ads are already appearing on South Australian TV to good effect.

Scrutiny of the 2007 votes showed that South Australia is the most prospective State for a Lead Senate Candidate from the conservative side of politics to gain the sixth Senate seat in the Federal Parliament. I have calculated that, should Leon gain 4 percent or more of the primary votes, he is in with a good chance; 2 percent does not get him elected.

There are a significant number of Nick Xenophon voters to accounted for – 15 percent in 2007. Xenophon’s No Pokies Party does not have a candidate in 2010. All those who voted for Xenophon in 2007 have to make a fresh decision as to who they will vote for this time. We must do all we can to convince these voters to vote for Leon – not for The Greens. Hence the overlay on his HTV’s.

Printing and judicious distribution of 600,000 HTV’s will enable TCS people to place a HTV in the hands of 75 percent of those going to vote at the 430 most prospective Polling Centres in South Australia. There are another 340 smaller Centres in South Australia that we will consciously not attend.

We must do all we can to ensure that The Greens do not have the balance of power in the Senate.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Leon is a good man who is doing all he can humanly do to keep The Greens out of the parliament and then, if he is elected, to be there for 6 years to keep those who are elected honest.

Your assistance in helping me to raise funds for this specific purpose would be greatly appreciated.

This can be by calling me to make a donation for this specific purpose or by on-forwarding this email to others who might be willing to do the same.

If one person donated the total $7150.00 required that would be magnificent.

Perhaps two people will donate $3575, OR 7 people will donate $1025 which could all be claimed as a Tax Deduction.

I would like to speak with anyone who is willing to assist in any capacity with this urgent matter.

Please call me any time up to 11 PM in the next few days.


Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Green Carnage

This Election is very important to Australia's Future. If Labor get re-elected with Green Preferences there will be a great big new tax on vital-to-life Carbon Dioxide.

This poster demonstrates the effect that this will have:

Stop the Green Carnage. There is a better way.

In the Senate, Vote 1 -The Climate Sceptics

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Murray / Murrumbidgee Irrigation water plan a likely catastrophe

Press Release by President Leon Ashby.

Former Irrigator, Environmental award winner and SA Senate Candidate for the Climate Sceptics, Leon Ashby has called the held back report an "obvious catastrophe for Irrigators" along both river systems.
He said "There are rumours it will advocate cuts of up to 65% in water rights. It will destroy farmers livelihoods, rural businesses and rural towns if it gets sanctioned. These people have done nothing wrong. I believe the reason it has not been released shows just how disasterous it will be."

Just starting to campaign for the election, the Mt Gambier landholder says: "The biggest disappointment is that this report will demonstrate our thinkers are blinded by green thinking. They have no compassion for people, just a bloody mindedness to destroy thousands of peoples livelihoods. The Murray river has run dry hundreds of times throughout history including four times in the early 1900s before the series of Locks and weirs were installed. The ecosystem recovered each time and it shows there is a resilience in nature far greater than Green thinkers wish to accept."

The former Landcare secretary says "As someone who has farmed in Northern Queensland for a decade I know there are solutions that should be considered including bringing water from Northern Australia where six times the water of the Murray Darling System runs out to sea each year. It's a system that can be designed using gravity to run the water into our Murray system".

"If elected to the senate I would work towards finding Win / Win solutions where extra water comes into the system, and at the lower end of the Murray the community designs the best option for assisting the lakes ecosystems. I am aware of several practical options communities could consider and to just trust people with green ideology to solve our water issues is perhaps the worst possible outcome. They have little belief in the robustness of nature or consideration for the pressures of farming upon which to base their decisions. "

The Climate sceptics do not accept greenhouse gases cause climate change, they believe weather patterns are cyclical over 20 and 40 year cycles and Australia needs to design our water needs accordingly but realising Nature is much more robust than Green ideology dictates.

If the Greens were honest....

An American Weatherman and TV host has come up with a challenge for the Greens - the Greens who want to take us back to the horse-and-buggy days. The Greens who don't want us to reduce fuel to help stave off fires.

The Weatherman is Pat Sajak. His article is titled:
Manmade Global Warming: The Solution (Link to full article in title)

After discussing how AGW has become like a religion for both sides. But the nub is his challenge for the True Believers of the Church of Manmade Global Warming. He puts them at about a third of the population. Take it away, Pat:

The other two-thirds are merely ignorant, so they can hardly be blamed for their actions.

Now, if those True Believers would give up their cars and big homes and truly change the way they live, I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be some measurable impact on the Earth in just a few short years. I’m not talking about recycling Evian bottles, but truly simplifying their lives. Even if you were, say, a former Vice President, you would give up extra homes and jets and limos. I see communes with organic farms and lives freed from polluting technology.

Then, when the rest of us saw the results of their actions—you know, the earth cooling, oceans lowering, polar bears frolicking and glaciers growing—we would see the error of our ways and join the crusade voluntarily and enthusiastically.

How about it? Why wait for governments to change us? You who have already seen the light have it within your grasp to act in concert with each other and change the world forever. And I hate to be a scold, but you have a special obligation to do it because you believe it so strongly. Then, instead of looking at isolated tree rings and computer models, you’d have real results to point to, and even the skeptics would see the error of their ways and join you.

So start Tweeting each other and get the ball rolling. We’ll anxiously await results. See, I told you I had the solution. My work here is done.

Green Laws are destroying Australia

Farmers, Foresters and Fishermen are having their rights removed by extreme environmental laws.
Businesses are bankrupted, suicides often result and people are killed through these Green laws.

Its time to change the culture.

Vote 1 - The Climate Sceptics

If you wish to donate funds to assist with broadcasting these TV ads, either send a cheque or Direct deposit into Westpac BSB 035612 A/C 239469 The Climate Sceptics' main account.

Wind Power

Wind Power has been killing birds, bats and doesn`t work for a large percentage of the time.
The Green ideology says it's the answer - It's not.
Stop the carnage to birds and bats and useless waste of taxpayers' funds -
Vote 1 - The Climate Sceptics

If you wish to donate funds to assist with broadcasting these TV ads, either send a cheque or Direct deposit into Westpac BSB 035612 A/C 239469 The Climate Sceptics' main account.

People are good for the environment

If you wish to donate funds to assist with broadcasting these TV ads, either send a cheque or Direct deposit into Westpac BSB 035612 A/C 239469 The Climate Sceptics' main account.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

PM ‘gutless’ on climate change

Bennelong “The Climate Sceptics” candidate Bill Pounder (L) with NSW lead Senate candidate Bill Koutalianos (R) and party president Leon Ashby.

Bennelong Sceptics Party candidate Bill Pounder of Gladesville has attacked prime minister Julia Gillard’s stand on “moving forward back-wards” on global warming and climate change.
He said Julia Gillard had said “I believe in climate change” and yet “she is too gutless to make decisions on the strength of this conviction”
“Her ‘consensus committee’ of 150 supposedly unbrainwashed ‘’randomly selected’ indivi-duals is an insult to the very democratic process that this election represents”.
Mr Pounder said incumbent MP Maxine McKew gloated over the deposing of former Liberal PM John Howard but firmly aligned herself with the failed PM Kevin Rudd whom she found compelling when others in her party could see him as a complete dud.
“True to form, Ms McKew also finds climate change to be a compelling issue when wiser heads would approach with healthy caution”, Mr Pounder said.