Monday, 21 June 2010

CSIRO acting like the KGB

Letter to Editor -
CSIRO acting like the KGB

Dear Sir / Madam,
Last week, a former public servant Colin Ely was evicted by Police from a Melbourne meeting because he would ask questions of CSIRO speaker Paul Holper for conclusive evidence for carbon dioxide causing Global warming.
Paul Holper was speaking to Vic Public servants about how to deal with climate scepticism but, in reality, showed how low the CSIRO is stooping with false assertions - e.g. implying that climate sceptics have fake experts and provide selective evidence.
This is a total misrepresentation of climate sceptics, who are just wanting a full and proper debate.
Just a few of the experts that climate sceptics say need to be heard include:
• Prof. Richard Lindzen, arguably the worlds greatest meteorologist,
• former NASA Scientist Roy Spencer,
• researchers Anthony Watts and David Archibald who are touring Australia, and
• Prof. Vincent Gray,
• Prof. Garth Paltridge, and
• Prof. John Christy - all leading Atmospheric Physicists.
All these Gentlemen have excellent climate research but it has been ignored by the CSIRO for some strange reason.

It is therefore the CSIRO that has selectively ignored the work of many scientists and researchers and Paul Holper is now engaged in a smear campaign that shows the CSIRO is acting more like the KGB than a scientific organisation.

Leon Ashby
The Climate Sceptics

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