Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wayne Swan and the Great Big New Mining Tax

In Toronto, talking to the heads of the G20, Wayne Swan said: "This tax that we're putting forward has got nothing to do with our budget at all..."


Wayne Swan said: "This tax that we're putting forward has got nothing to do with our budget at all..."

I thought that's what he said. He continued... he told a business lunch that the tax was not proposed as a way to bring the budget back to surplus.

Tony Abbott countered this with:

" Now, it’s interesting Wayne Swan said that the mining tax had nothing to do with the return to surplus. In the year we get a $1 billion surplus, there's $3 billion of mining tax revenue. In the year we allegedly get a $5 billion surplus, there’s $9 billion of mining tax revenue. So, you take that revenue out and we’ve got a $2 billion deficit in the first year and we’ve got a $4 billion deficit in the second year and presumably even bigger deficits in the out years."

Despite this, Ms Gillard and Mr Swan say that the budget can return to surplus with or without the Resources Super Profits Tax(RSPT). The other important point Swan made is that Gillard's recommitment to a government surplus by 2013 was not predicated on the revenues expected to be generated by the super-tax.

"The mining tax is not essential to the budget to return to surplus. The budget is going to return to surplus in three years' time, three years early, and it is not dependent upon revenue from the mining tax."

So, if there is a change to the RSPT, will we have a new budget before the next election?

Also, as MS Gillard has confirmed her commitment to a Carbon Tax, should we have the Carbon Tax figures in the budget?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Watts Up with the Climate - with Anthony Watts - Newcastle

Still a few more times to see Anthony Watts explaining how a change from whitewash to paint on weather stations has contributed to Global Warming.

Ballarat VIC: Saturday 26 June 2010, 7:30 pm

York Street Church Auditorium, 410 York St, Ballarat (East)
Anthony Watts and David Archibald
$20 per person
Contact: David Westaway 0414 347 618

Narrogin WA: Monday 28 June 2010, 7:30 pm

Narrogin & Districts Senior Citizens Centre
Anthony Watts, David Archibald, Bob Carter and Jo Nova
$20 per person
Contact: Janet Thompson 0417 815 595

Perth WA: Tuesday 29 June 2010, 6:30 pm

Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia
Anthony Watts, David Archibald, Jo Nova and Bob Carter
$25 per person, $20 if you make a booking or are a pensioner
Contact: Book with a message (08) 9487 0404 *And email me if you might be able to help on the night (joanne AT “this site”

Canberra ACT: Wednesday 30 June 2010, 6:30 pm

Labor Club, Chandler Street, Belconnen
Anthony Watts, David Archibald and Tim Curtin
$25 per person, $20 if you make a booking or are a pensioner
Contact: 0401 772 857

Wagga Wagga NSW: Thursday 1 July 2010, 7:00 pm

Country Comfort Hotel, Wagga Wagga
Anthony Watts, David Archibald and Tim Curtin
$20 per person
Contact: John Westman 0432 827 254

Friday, 25 June 2010

Great Big Carbon Tax Back on the Labor Agenda

Julia Gillard put the Carbon Tax back on the agenda last night on the 7:30 report with Kerry O'Brian:

First she promised to go to the polls soon.

KERRY O'BRIEN: But can you indicate whether you are considering next year as part of the equation- of a legitimate part of the equation for this term, that you could govern through to March or April of next year?

JULIA GILLARD: Kerry, I can absolutely rule out next year. The election will be in 2010.

and then

KERRY O'BRIEN: Very briefly, on climate change you have said you will reprosecute the case for a carbon price as global economic conditions improve and as the Australian economy continues to strengthen. That’s what you have said. That sound to me like you are still wedded to the same timetable for an emissions trading scheme that got Kevin Rudd into hot water in the first place. So your leadership on that crucial issue will make no difference?

JULIA GILLARD: My leadership will be about talking to the Australian people about climate change.

I believe climate change is real.

Well, Julia, I believe also that Climate Change is real. Climate has changed from the beginnng of time.

JG:I believe that it is caused by human activity.

Julia, I believe that man can affect climate. The urban heat island affect proves this. That, though Julia, is LOCAL climate. Global Climate is out of man's hands.

JG: I believe that we have got to therefore change the way we do things and that this nation will in the future need a price on carbon.

For what good it is, Jules, we have carbon (dioxide) trading exchanges now! They put a price on carbon for you. Mind you, there has been some rorting, so caveat emptor.

JG: I also believe that if we are to have a price on carbon and do all the things necessary for our economy and our society to adjust we need a deep and lasting community consensus about that. We don’t have it now.

That’s why I said today if elected as Prime Minister at the forthcoming election then I will take the time to reprosecute the case with the Australian community to develop that deep and lasting consensus. In the meantime of course there are steps we can take to address climate change, including better harnessing the great renewable resources of this land - solar and wind.

Again, beware. Will you be able to create enough power with these "great renewable and wind?" The people will get pretty angry when their power is taken from them. Australians are fairly complacent but sitting in the dark cooking on candles will not make happy voters!

KERRY O'BRIEN: But what you are making clear is no change on the ETS before the election.

Hey, Kerry, she is trying to dodge the "GREAT BIG NEW TAX" as an election issue, but wants to claim a mandate after the election.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Anthony Watts meeting

Anthony Watts meeting
Guest Report by Alan Barron

Venue; 6/112 Millswyn Street, South Yarra.
Tuesday, 22 June 2010. Time 12.30 - 2.30pm

Around 130 turned out to on a lovely balmy Melbourne winter’s day to hear visiting American meteorologist Anthony Watts speak on climate change. Mr Watts is a meteorologist with over 24 years in weather forecasting in the USA. He operates a weather technology business and runs one of the most popular science blogs on climate change on the internet ( Last year his website had over 46 million visitors.

The purpose of Mr Watts visit was to present advance results of his surface stations project to photographically survey every one of the 1221 USHCN stations in the USA. His conclusions were startling –the official temperature record is unreliable.

Mr Watts started his address by saying he was years ago, really into green activism. He brought an electric car, installed solar panels on his roof, put timers on his lights, all in the name of conserving energy and reducing his carbon footprint. He even campaigned on various environment issues and spoke to all who would listen about these things.

So what changed his opinion? In speaking to others, particularly Jim Goodridge a climatologist, he became aware of a seemingly irrelevant piece of information that had enormous ramifications for collecting weather data.

He found that the National Weather Service who collected data collection points called `Stevenson Screens’, had over the course of a relatively small time, changed the painting scheme of these boxes which recorded data. Once all such boxes were painted in whitewash, now all these recording stations housed in boxes were painted in semi-gloss latex paint.

This stems from the fact that when the Weather Bureau commissioned the design in 1892, whitewash was specified. But whitewash is no longer commonly available, and the National Weather Service changed the specification in 1979 to be semi-gloss latex paint.

When Mr Watts checked the data records of NOAA, he discovered a curious thing. Since the boxes were painted in Latex, temperatures had risen by about 1 degree. He also noticed that there was a variance on about 1 degree between city readings and those taken in the country away from large population areas. So he decided to conduct a simple preliminary experiment to give him guidance on a hypothesis - `that changes in paint on Stevenson Screens over time make a measurable difference on the temperatures recorded inside them.’

So he made 3 duplicates of the recording station boxes and painted one in whitewash, one in semi-gloss latex, and left one unpainted and took readings over 3 months. The experiment revealed that the box coated in semi-gloss latex recorded data around 1 degree warmer than the whitewashed box.

Mr Watts then concentrated on studying the location of these Stevenson Screens. He was staggered to find most of them were located at airports – right next to the runway! He also found that others were placed in close proximity to buildings, air conditioners, freeways and affluent treatment plants. Most recordings conducted in the city were influenced to varying degrees by the `heat island effect’ (radiated heat - warm air radiated from buildings, motorways and the application of commercial and industrial use of electrical machinery and appliances.)

Mr Watts found that data collected in the country showed no such increase although there was a slight upward trend. He also found that the practice of US authorities was mirrored by other western nations with monitoring stations placed in very dubious locations. A colleague inNorway conducted a small experiment to see if there was a radiated heat island effect. He chose a level piece of local coastline and drove between two designated points over a number of days. He took measurements along the way and made a startling discovery. Temperatures did not vary much between county and the small towns he passed thought, but when he reached the Airport and took readings there, he found that readings there were constantly higher than those recorded elsewhere on his journey.

Mr Watts said that when he raised the issues of the location of the monitoring devices with authorities, they did listen and stopped using some of them. What was of concern to him was that the corrupted data collected prior to the discontinuation of collecting data from a badly located monitoring device, was still left intact in the record, thus distorting any conclusions which would be reached as the result of using such data.

Mr Watts concluded by saying that the science is all about the data and the integrity of methods used in collecting such data. He also stressed those concerned about climate change issues, needed to be vigilant and to expose bad and dodgy science as there was much at stake.

Prior to Mr Watts addressing the meeting, Climate Sceptics Party President Leon Ashby spoke briefly on how the implementation of green policies had severely impacted on his farming business and his ability to maintain high productivity on his land.

He was follow by an excellent presentation by David Archibald, an Australian scientist who operates in the fields of climate science and cancer research, and the author of “Solar Cycle 24: Why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference”.

Many good points were raised by this erudite speaker, but the one that caught my attention was the graph on the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Between 20ppm and 50ppm, CO reaches its maximum impact on climate, and its influence gradually tappers off to virtually no influence at 100ppm. (The current atmospheric concentration of CO2 is just under 390ppm.) Mr Archibald said it’s something like putting salt in soup, once the saltiness reaches a certain level you notice it, but after that no matter what the level of salt, it still tastes salty . Hence one can conclude that CO2 is not driving climate change.


Monday, 21 June 2010

CSIRO acting like the KGB

Letter to Editor -
CSIRO acting like the KGB

Dear Sir / Madam,
Last week, a former public servant Colin Ely was evicted by Police from a Melbourne meeting because he would ask questions of CSIRO speaker Paul Holper for conclusive evidence for carbon dioxide causing Global warming.
Paul Holper was speaking to Vic Public servants about how to deal with climate scepticism but, in reality, showed how low the CSIRO is stooping with false assertions - e.g. implying that climate sceptics have fake experts and provide selective evidence.
This is a total misrepresentation of climate sceptics, who are just wanting a full and proper debate.
Just a few of the experts that climate sceptics say need to be heard include:
• Prof. Richard Lindzen, arguably the worlds greatest meteorologist,
• former NASA Scientist Roy Spencer,
• researchers Anthony Watts and David Archibald who are touring Australia, and
• Prof. Vincent Gray,
• Prof. Garth Paltridge, and
• Prof. John Christy - all leading Atmospheric Physicists.
All these Gentlemen have excellent climate research but it has been ignored by the CSIRO for some strange reason.

It is therefore the CSIRO that has selectively ignored the work of many scientists and researchers and Paul Holper is now engaged in a smear campaign that shows the CSIRO is acting more like the KGB than a scientific organisation.

Leon Ashby
The Climate Sceptics

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sceptic evicted from Vic Public servants meeting on Climate brainwashing techniques plus wild claims made by the CSIRO about sceptics

Two climate sceptics - Colin Ely and Alan Barron - attended a Vic public servants meeting on Climate Brainwashing techniques conducted by the CSIRO called "Dealing with Climate change Denialism".

They were denied access to the meeting which shows Australian governments are being subversive on the issue of Climate change and will not debate the facts.
Below are their accounts plus that of an un-named attendee (so he does not get sacked - I can only reveal his identity to media confidentially to verify he is genuine)

From the attendee's email, we understand Paul Holper from the CSIRO has claimed Climate Sceptics all:
- Believe there is a conspiracy
- Pull out their own fake experts
- provide selective evidence
- misrepresent things and use logical falisies

President of The Climate Sceptics, Leon Ashby, says in response: "Sceptics do recognise the brainwashing the IPCC and governments like the Vic Government are doing". How much of a conspiracy it is, time will tell".

We also recognise many of the worlds leading climatologists and atmospheric researchers such as Professor Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, John Christy, Vincent Gray, Garth Paltridge and many others (most of whom have assisted the IPCC but their work gets ignored) are saying the Climate scares are vastly exaggerated if not completely wrong and that many emails have surfaced showing the IPCC evidence has been "falsified" or "cooked."

Then there are the researchers such as Anthony Watts and David Archibald giving public presentations Australia wide willing to debate anyone on how false the Claim that CO2 causes Climate change is.

Mr Ashby adds the Sceptics such as myself are out in the open happy to debate anyone anytime. The government and their alarmist friends are hiding behind closed doors discussing ways to trick the community into believing unsubstantiated scares including CSIRO scares.

Also should the claim that Graeme Pearman (Former CSIRO chief) have said 10 years ago "If anyone can disprove what were saying here, I'll give you people, money, resources, what ever, to disprove this science". then we sceptics want to know if the offer still stands and we will be encouraging researchers to take up the offer.

The evidence of sceptics is thorough and detailed - Anthony Watts coming presentations in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Mt Gambier, Hamilton, Ballarat Narrogin, Wagga Wagga, Canberra and Coffs Harbour will demonstrate that.


Colin Ely's account:
The Department of Sustainability and Environment were sponsoring a lecture today by the CSIRO's Paul Holper, entitled, Dealing with Climate change Denialism.

As a former Victorian Public Servant and a member of the Climate Sceptics Party, I thought I would attend and listen to what was said and, hopefully ask a few pertinent questions.

I attended this morning and actually was the first to arrive and just walked in and sat down and waited for the lecture to attend. A short time later a Public Servant came down and said it was a government function and asked me to leave. I replied that I believed the Treasury Theatre was a 'public place' and that you can't be guilty of trespassing in a public place. He advised that he was going to call 'security', I replied that if that was what he thought was needed, then go right ahead, and I sat down again and waited for the lecture to begin.

A short time later two members of the Victoria Police Protective Security Group arrived and asked me to go outside with them. They advised me that it was a Victorian Government 'private' function. I replied that I believed it was a 'public place' and therefore I wasn't trespassing . They advised that that wasn't correct and if I tried to re-enter they would arrest me, (I would hasten to add that at all times these two officers treated me in a professional and respectful manner)

I therefore said that I understood them and would stay outside the theatre and, as is my democratic right under the Westminster System of Democracy, would stand outside and 'politely' abuse the attenders of the lecture. They advised me that I couldn't do that in the Treasury Reserve either. So there I was, standing outside the entrance, being 'guarded' by two of 'Victoria's Finest'!

Later Alan Barron and I asked if we could hand out flyers to attenders after they left, they told us that we couldn't do that either, so we bid them good day and left.

Alan Barron's story
I told the security people I was a federal public servant and a Victorian taxpayer and would like to attend the lecture. I was curtly told in order to gain entrance, one must have pre-registered and have one's Victorian public service identity card on their person. If you had no ID and your name was not on the list, that was the end of the discussion. The meeting was for only registered public servants only - capis! I felt like Winston Smith, shades of 1984!

I got talking to fellow sceptic - Colin - who was standing not far from the entrance. He said he had gained entrance and had just become seated when the security guys came up and said they needed to check his details. Seeing as his name was not on the list, he was told that it is an offence to `trespass on government property’ and then promptly frog marched him out of the theatrette.

Alan says "If the government thinks climate change is such an important issue, why not throw the issue open for public discussion and debate? This nonsense about presenting only one side of the debate and holding meetings to warn people of the dangers of alleged `climate change denialism’ smacks of arrogance and manipulation as well as being patronising and condescending."

AN Attended to the forum (but fears he could be sacked if his identity is revealed) had this to report

Chris Mitchell introduced the presentation. He is a Ministrerial Advisor to the Minister for Climate Change on Adaption.

Chris acknowleged the traditional owners of the land on which we met (and said how they guided Australia through climate change in times before European invasion).

Chris declared that he has a 'day job' as a director of an ASX listed carbon offset company.

Paul Holper then went through the graphs of CO2 levels over time, temperature over time, talked about Cape Grim. He said "more heat trapping gasses means more heat is trapped", and talked about correlation, but not about causation.

Paul has worked at CSIRO for the last 20 years, and commented how predictions of 20 years ago have come true, and how current predictions are now much worse.

Paul then quoted a "European Journal of Health" (or something like that) and an article that analysed "Denialism" in the health area. He said there were 5 main characteristics:
Denialists all:
- Believe there is a conspiracy
- Pull out their own fake experts
- provide selective evidence
- misrepresent things and use logical falisies

Paul then talked about an (unnamed) US scientist who denied Ozone was causing a problem, was a passive smoking sceptic, and is now a anthropogenic global warming sceptic.

He showed slides by John Gardener at CSIRO (Social scientist) who classified people into one of four groups - Sceptics (know but don't think it is a problem) (5%), "Disengaged (don't know don't care)" (15%), "Engaged" (know and care) (35%) and "concerned uninformed" (45%). This was charted on an x/y graph with x being concern and y being knowledge.

Paul recommended not treating Climate Change as a green issue, as that puts people off.

Paul suggested that CSIRO had put out "Fact Sheets" and FAQs to counter all of the sceptical arguments.

He then went through tips on how to communicate the problem of cilmate change effectively:
- Be Clear; Impartial; relevant
- Be Objective
- Be Practical
- Message must resonate
- Avoid doom and gloom
- Avoid impenetrable language
- Use different media
- Provide info for different levels of understanding
- reiterate over time
- be positive

He also mentioned Graeme Pearman (Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research in Australia from 1992 to 2002, & his former boss in CSIRO) standing up in a room 10 years ago saying "If anyone can disprove what were saying here, I'll give you people, money, resources, what ever, to disprove this science". No one has taken up that offer.

There was no heated exchanged, although the microphone lady was a lot quicker to take the microphone back from people who asked sceptical questions that from people who asked "the right" questions.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Anthony Watts - 18 city tour of Australia

The "Watts up with the Climate" tour has kicked off at two meetings in Sydney and Townsville and is creating much interest as Anthony Watts also checks out the local weather stations in each city he visits.

His results show that in approx 90% of cases, the weather recording stations are not being placed to the expected requirements and in fact most are likely to show a warming bias in recent years because they get moved or incinerators, air conditioners, concrete, bitumen and other warming factors crowd in on them. Australian Stations like Sydney and Melbourne are no exceptions.

Anthony Watts is touring 18 cities Australian wide and while audience sizes have been modest to date the meetings have been very useful in informing the public more about the Anthropogenic Climate Change issue. To see the tour schedule, please visit:

Tonight - Brisbane
Wed: Gold Coast
Thur: Newcastle

Leon Ashby, President of the newly registered Climate Sceptics Party gave an introduction to the Sydney meeting explaining his experience with the Kyoto Treaty being used as an excuse to remove his property rights in Qld , but in the ten years since then, no carbon credits ever arrived to pay for the timber locked up under the laws brought in.

This experience shows there is no justice involved with this issue.

Also at Sydney's meeting, Canberra economist Tim Curtin, who has worked for the EU and the World Bank illustrated the correlation between higher atmospheric levels of CO2 and higher world food production. He also noted how the IPCC wanted to reduce CO2 levels to such a low that food production itself becomes threatened.

David Archibald
, an Australian scientist, presented a compelling presentation on how the sun influences our climate and why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference. He showed a number of historically recorded indicators that all point towards the earth cooling substantially in the next decade. All these indicators cannot be dismissed at hype because they are based on evidence. They are however at odds with alarmists’ arguments and hype .

Anthony Watts, founder of the popular website , who classified himself as ‘a bit green’ delivered a presentation of his photographic survey of 1221 weather stations in the USA. He showed how almost 90% of the stations did not meet ‘positioning’ standards by being placed very close to heat sources such as buildings, machinery and various other urban influences. Anthony examined Michael Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ graph and how it was largely influenced by one particular tree, whilst the majority of the available tree ring data was suppressed.

Peter Ridd from James Cook University made a presentation on how the Great Barrier reef is in top shape and the claims about unusual damage to the Reef from Climate are pure scaremongering.

All the presentation have been well received by the audiences.

For an Interview with Anthony Watts or David Archibald including comments on the weather stations at each Australian city, just phone 0410 664 853

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics
PO, Box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290
Ph 08 8725 9561 or 08 8723 5550

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why scientists get it wrong by David Archibald

Why scientists get it wrong by David Archibald

David Archibald, touring this month with Anthony Watts (see for details) has an article in Quadrant on line. It is an extract from his latest book "The Past and Future of Climate."

David Archibald with David Bellamy

Edited extract: "Why did so many scientists get it wrong?"

If the data and forecasts in this book are correct, then the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the National Academy of Sciences in the United States, the Royal Society in the United Kingdom, the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO in Australia are all wrong. How can this be? Firstly, there aren’t that many scientists involved in the IPCC deliberations. The inner core is possibly twenty souls. Secondly, they were untroubled by the necessity to concoct fraudulent data to get their desired results. The only unknown question regarding the IPCC scientists is “Did they actually believe in the global warming that they were promoting?


To buy David's Book, see :

Friday, 4 June 2010

Watts Up with the Climate - Andrew Bolt

From Andrew Bolt:-

Andrew Bolt
Friday, June 04, 2010 at 12:32pm

If you’re interested in the debate over man-made warming, you won’t want to miss this - especially since the lectures star Anthony Watts, of the highly influential Watts Up With That blog:

Watts Up with the Climate?

Anthony Watts, David Archibald and David Stockwell are touring Australia 12 June – 1 July 2010…

A former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air, Anthony Watts operates a weather technology business and runs one of the most popular science blogs on the internet, He will present advance results on his surface stations project to photographically survey every one of the 1221 USHCN weather stations in the USA used as a “high quality network” that has fallen into neglect.

For tour dates and details, go to, where you’ll also find biographies of the other speakers.