Sunday, 30 May 2010

Climate News for end of May and lying from CSIRO/BOM

Here's a grab-bag of Climate News from the MSM:

1: Rebel scientists force Royal Society to accept climate change Realism

From the Times(UK):

The Royal Society has appointed a panel to rewrite the 350-year-old institution’s official position on global warming. It will publish a new “guide to the science of climate change” this summer. The society has been accused by 43 of its Fellows of refusing to accept dissenting views on climate change and exaggerating the degree of certainty that man-made emissions are the main cause.

The society appears to have conceded that it needs to correct previous statements. It said: “Any public perception that science is somehow fully settled is wholly incorrect — there is always room for new observations, theories, measurements.” This contradicts a comment by the society’s previous president, Lord May, who was once quoted as saying: “The debate on climate change is over.

2: Uncertain Science

From Newsweek:

...Concern over global warming has cooled down dramatically. In über-green Germany, only 42 percent of citizens worry about global warming now, down from 62 percent in 2006. In Britain, just 26 percent believe climate change is man-made, down from 41 percent as recently as November 2009. And Americans rank global warming dead last in a list of 21 problems that concern them, according to a January Pew poll.

3: Carbon Traders and Tax Fraud

From the New York Times

BRUSSELS — Carbon trading was meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union by making polluting more expensive for heavy industries, encouraging them to invest in cleaner technology. But even supporters admit that the system, also known as cap and trade, is falling far short of that goal. Critics decry it as just another form of financial profiteering with little environmental benefit.

Carbon traders, for example, have been arrested for tax fraud; evidence has emerged of lucrative projects that may do nothing to curb climate change; and steel and cement companies have booked huge profits selling surplus permits they received for free.

4: Polar bears not at risk: Nunavut

From Canada Broadcasting News

The Nunavut government does not think the polar bear should be classified as a species of special concern under the federal Species at Risk Act, says territorial Environment Minister Daniel Shewchuk.

Shewchuk said there is no clear evidence to support assigning that status to the polar bear despite recommendations to the contrary by Environment Canada and a federal scientific panel.

"We live in polar bear country," Shewchuk told reporters in Iqaluit on Friday afternoon. "We understand the polar bears, and we do actually think our polar bear population is very very healthy, with the exception of a couple of populations that we are taking action on."

A few years ago, the foremost expert on Polar Bears, Mitch Taylor, was cast loose from the Polar Bears Study Group by Alarmists.

The price for speaking out against global warming is exile from your peers, even if you are at the top of your field. If a leading researcher can’t speak his mind without punishment by exile, what chance would any up-and-coming researcher have? As Mitchell Taylor points out “It’s a good way to maintain consensus”.

5: Treasury and CSIRO both have breached trust

From The Australian by Terry McCrann

Both have, in their separate ways, breached that trust. This is a very serious matter for the governance of Australia. If we can't trust Treasury to give us rational economics and we can't trust the CSIRO to give us good, or even just honest, science -- as in both cases they have generally done for a good three-quarters of a century or more -- we are adrift in a sea of irrationalism.

He goes on to mention the CSIRO's joint statement with the BOM and Tom Quirk's revelation that the two bodies were juggling data to get the result that they wanted:

"Did the answer lie in the inconvenient truth that methane concentrations have plateaued since the mid-1990s? Yet here is the CSIRO, the organisation dedicated to scientific truth, pretending -- even stating -- that they're still going up, Climategate style. This is bad enough, but just as with Treasury, real policies are built on this sort of "analysis". The first version of the so-called carbon pollution reduction scheme included farming to address the methane question. But as Quirk has shown in a peer-reviewed paper, atmospheric methane is driven by a combination of volcanos, El Ninos and pipeline (mostly dodgy old Soviet) leakage."

Oh dear, don't you just hate it when government bodies lie to you to support a failed hypothesis?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Whats Up with the Climate? Anthony Watts in Emerald

Media Release - Thursday, 13 May 2010

“Watts Up With The Climate” Tour Comes to Emerald

A symposium questioning human-caused climate change and the costs of mitigation to rural Australia is being held at the Emerald Town Hall on Saturday 19th of June..

Dr David Stockwell said that a new political party -- the Climate Sceptics Party -- is hosting a series of forums around Australia, with talks by accomplished climate sceptics presenting the other side of the argument on climate change, starting at 7:30pm.

“More people are stepping up to say that the evidence of impending catastrophe due to carbon emissions is just not there”, said Dr Stockwell.

Renowned commentator Anthony Watts, Professor Bob Carter, Scientist David Archibald, and Scientist Dr Stockwell will present the evidence against anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Anthony Watts is a meteorologist from Denver, USA and runs one of the most popular climate blogs on the web called ‘’”.

Bob Carter is an author and Professor of Geology at James Cook University, Townsville and has spoken at similar events around Queensland on the exaggeration of the risks of sea level rise.”

David Archibald, also a geologist and author of Solar Cycle 24 believes the world will continue cooling and carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference.”

“Climate change has been co-opted into a narrow political agenda dressed in overstated scientific claims, and the purpose of these forums is to provide an opportunity to generate a more realistic, option-rich approach.”

“The Government has postponed the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) but is still estimated to be spending 2 billion dollars of our money on a non-existent problem.”

“Many businesses are paying the cost of reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS). Soon every business, including agriculture and mining, if it crosses thresholds of energy used or produced will have to buy renewable energy certificates, further pushing up costs.”

“Many scientists do believe that global warming will be a problem in the future, but my research has shown these beliefs are largely based on projections by computer models with a history of failed predictions.”

Dr Stockwell said its time to step back and re-evaluate the evidence, and determine if the costs of mitigation are really worth it.

“When people in the city realised how much an ETS would increase electricity prices they dropped it like a hot cake. But they don’t realise how much emission controls would cost the agricultural, grazing and mining industries in places like the Central Highlands.”

“Restrictions to clearing of vegetation are already costing farmers their farms.”

A meeting of Property Rights Australia, a group that fights for farmers’ rights, is also being held before the symposium, with registration starting at 8:00am.
Cattleman and president of Property Rights Australia, Ron Bahnisch, says carbon controls are just another push from the green groups and will ruin the productive capacity of rural Australia.
“PRA provides support, through the Property Rights Australia Fighting Fund, to legal test cases and matters of significance to protect and wherever possible enhance property rights for the benefit of property owners and their communities.”

“Our members could not believe that Anthony Watts was coming to Emerald, and he would be speaking at our AGM”, Ron said.

“His web site has a big following among farmers who are great weather watchers and Anthony is a straight-talking meteorologist who understands the limitations of the weather data that been collected to justify global warming.”

Ron Bahnish can be contacted via their website at

Dr Stockwell can be contacted via his website at

Thursday, 13 May 2010

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Climate Consequences with Anthony Watts

Renowned Meteorologist Anthony Watts is including Newcastle in his Australian Tour

The Government has postponed the ETS but is still spending 2 billion dollars of your money ‘solving’ climate change. Find out why that money is not well spent.

Date: Thursday June 17 2010
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Newcastle City Hall King St, Newcastle
Entry: General: $20
Concession: $15


Anthony Watts A television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air, operates a weather technology business, and runs one of the most popular science blogs on the internet.
Anthony will present advance results on his Surfacestations project to photographically survey every one of the 1221 USHCN stations in the USA, and talk about how the ‘official’ temperature record is unreliable.

David Archibaldan Australian–based scientist operating in the fields of climate science, cancer research and the author of Solar Cycle 24 – David will talk about the role of the sun, why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference.

Dr David StockwellFormer Climate Effects Scientist living in Emerald QLD & author of the book Niche Modeling, David will talk about what we do know about climate change, how that contradicts warming models and how the CSIRO has got it wrong.

For enquiries call 0412474916 or visit

Monday, 3 May 2010

Conspirator Theories of Stephan Lewandowsky

In a terrible piece where Stephan Lewandowsky, a Winthrop Professor tries to equate Climate Sceptics with Conspirator Theorists like Those that believe that 9/11 was a Bush/CIA plot.

Funnily some of his arguments can be used against the IPCC Alarmist Fraudsters.

Quote: "First, unlike the real insights provided by science and rational thought, conspiracy theories obsessively focus on selected pieces of — real or imaginary — "evidence" while ignoring mountains of actual data." Isn't this how Michael Mann created the disgraced "hockey-stick" graph? Wasn't this how the IPCC came out with the false statement that Himalayan Glaciers would all melt by 2035? So many other example from the Alarmists. DId Professor Lewandowsky look inwardly first?

Quote: "It is also of no relevance to climate "sceptics" that their claims about the absence of global warming are logically incoherent with their simultaneous claim that humans didn't cause the warming." Did the good Professor see the Phil Jones BBC interview where Jones said that the
rates of temperature rise in four period (1860-1880; 1910-40; 1975-1998 and 1975 to 2009) were similar. Note that two were before major industrialisation, two after. Warming for the four periods were (in degrees per decade) 0.163 ; 0.15 ; 0.166; 0.161, with cooling in between.

Quote: "Precisely the same fate awaits the conspiracy theory known as climate "scepticism". It will collapse under its own absurdity because as new scientific evidence amasses at a rapid pace, the presumed conspiracy must grow ever more grotesque and all-encompassing.."

To Paraphrase: Precisely the same fate awaits the conspiracy theory known as climate "alarmism". It will collapse under its own absurdity because as new scientific evidence amasses at a rapid pace, the theory of CO2 pollutionmust grow ever more grotesque and all-encompassing.