Thursday, 31 December 2009

Car rally and Protest March in Canberra - Urgent

Hi Everyone,
This is a plea to assist Peter Spencer on his hunger strike to get Kevin Rudd to take notice of the fact he has offered to pay millions of dollars to other countries for locking up their forests, but he will not look at paying Australian farmers for the trees locked up by force in Australia as part of our Kyoto agreement. This issue is linked with the fact CO2 is being called a pollutant, fraudulent climate science has occurred and just processes are being suppressed. They are all done behind the scenes to assist the Green religion.

To bring Peter Spencers case to court would assist Australians everywhere and severely dent the Green religions hold over politics and not just in Australia either.

Peter is in Day 39 of his hunger strike. He has tried to get a court resolution and cannot even get a hearing. He is financially crippled and will have his property taken over by the the local sheriff very shortly.
All this when he has committed no crime - just seeking Just terms compensation as decreed under the Australian Constitution.

A group of strong supporters are organising a Coo-ee Car Rally to Peter’s farm on Monday January 4, then onto Canberra for a March at 10.30 am

Here are the details –
The COOEE DRIVE in support of Peter Spencer.

Bus leaving Lismore Sunday 3rd Jan' contact 'Jimmy Harvie' phone 66248290 to obtain details of departure time, cost etc.

Another Bus leaving Coffs Harbour 4PM Sunday contact Jeanette Jones on 02 66524240 or 0411628310.
Our 50 seater has air con--toilet etc $50 per person--picking up Port Macquarie turn--Taree--Nabiac--Hexham then Maitland for pick-up, to Muswellbrook and down the New England Highway.

Another bus leaves Inverell at 6.30AM Sunday 3rd Jan' --ring Lloyd Fleming--Inverell--02 67225303 for further information and towns they will be passing through.

Destination Peter Spencer's property 'Saarahnlee' Shannon's Flat to give our personal support to Peter---Hopfully attracting major media exposure---then we want everyone to assemble behind Old Parliamment house (Magna Carta Park) in Canberra on Monday at 10.30 am and walk past Parliament House to the Lodge
Returning home Monday night.

If nothing else please join this walk with banners, placards etc.

Please support this COOEE DRIVE if you live in Wagga / Bathurst / Dubbo / Griffith / Leeton / anywhere in the 2SM listening area.

Please organise a bus from your area and join the many others to say the Injustice to Australians must stop.

Please also support 2SM & 2GB broadcasts in your area, as the on-air broadcasters, including 2SM broadcasters Grant Goldman, Carter Edwards, Poppy Savakis and others have been giving phenomenal support, giving over their entire shows to highlight Peter’s desperate battle as well as airing stories from other country farming families.

Many Groups are contacting their networks to share this information so pass this on to your friends etc if you can.

Please consider supporting Peter by either joining the Cooee Rally, meeting at Canberra, listening to 2SM or all of it.

Ideas for Slogans you could bring on placards.

Just Terms not property theft
Justice 4 Peter
Pay for Kyoto Carbon lockup
End Kyoto Carbon Theft
Pay 4 overseas forests and steal Australians
We want a royal commission into Kyoto & Just Terms
Talk to Peter Spencer Mr Rudd.

Contact Alistair McRobert on 0264 545141 if you have questions about the March


Leon Ashby