Thursday, 12 November 2009

Is Kevin Rudd a liar or a fool

I have previously asked was Kevin Rudd a traitor? Will he sign away our sovereignty by signing the COP15 treaty.

Now I ask, is Kevin Rudd monumentally incompetant or a liar?

During his Media blitz last week, he spoke to Adelaide radio 5AA's Leon Byner that he hadn't read the draft treaty.

Here is this man who has been appointed a "friend" of COP15. This will mean he will act at Copenhagen to get other nations to sign the treaty. He wants us to believe that he hasn't read it.

Believe it or not! There is an extract of Leon Byner's interview in this discussion between 2GB's Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

While we're at it, listen to Minister Wong contradict herself in the following 4BC interview with Michael Smith: