Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Why the ETS is useless

Press Release

"Why the ETS is Useless" Powerpoint impacting across the world.

The Climate Sceptics


An new powerpoint which has been compiled by the climate sceptics President Leon Ashby has started to enthuse people worldwide about the pointlessness of the Emissions Trading Scheme and Americas Cap & Trade Scheme

The powerpoint (attached in PDF) has been put on numerous web sites already in several countries including geolgy, science and climate science web sites (e.g. see here

People overseas are now modifying it into USA and UK versions

It explains the maths, the economics and the science of what an emissions trading scheme is about and clearly shows it is pointless in all three analysis.

It is very much a version that high school students should be able to view and understand also.

Scientists such as Professor Fred Singer
and Dr. Heinz Lycklama both
in the USA and Dr Miklos Zagoni from Hungary are very impressed with the presentation and Professor Fred Singer has started using it himself in his talks.

Climate sceptics president Leon Ashby hopes people pass the presentation around the internet, to their school friends, family members and politicians. "I believe everyone is Australia that thinks an Emissions Trading Scheme will save the planet should check out the facts on the presentation first'

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics
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