Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Good Reading Matter

Two outstanding Newspaper Columns that I would reccommend to all.
From the Australian by Economic journalist Terry McCrann. (Link in Title)

THE first and most important thing to note about Kevin Rudd's emissions trading scheme is that it is a tax.
It's not called a tax, but if it waddles like one, quacks like one, and most pointedly raises money like one, it's a tax. And not just any old tax -- it's a huge and continually growing tax.
It starts out in 2012-13 raising about a quarter as much as the GST. The budget in May put a number on it for the first time. Almost $12 billion in its first full year, 2012-13.
It is the equivalent of increasing the GST from 10 per cent to 12.5 per cent in that year. And in its impact on people it won't be all that different from doing exactly that.

And from The Herald Sun's Andrew Bolt:
WILL Kevin Rudd’s CPRS scheme lower world temperatures?
No. Even Wong refuses to claim so. Do the sums: Australia emits just 1.4 per cent of the world’s emissions, and Rudd hopes to cut our gases by 5 per per cent of our 2000 levels by 2020.
WILL Rudd’s CPRS at least cut the world’s greenhouse gases?

Not so anyone will notice.

BUT won’t Rudd’s scheme inspire the rest of the world to make cuts, too?

No. Even Rudd admitted last month that the UN’s Copenhagen meeting in December was unlikely to reach any real deal to cut world emissions.

BUT won’t moving to green power - the aim of Rudd’s CPRS - be easy?

No. We need our cheap coal-fired power to stay competitive with other countries and keep Australians in jobs.