Sunday, 9 August 2009

Why can't Penny Wong answer Questions?

First it was Steve Fielding asking questions that Penny Wong could not answer, but today, it was Barnaby Joyce’s turn.

On Meet the Press today:
BARNABY JOYCE: Why impose a new tax on Australian people that won't change anything? Ask yourself, ask Minister Wong, will this scheme change the temperature of the globe? Quite obviously, it will not. Will it put people out of work? Yes, it will. What other questions do you need to ask?
Later today on the Insiders, Barrie Cassidy asked Penny Wong: “Will this scheme change the temperature of the planet?” He got a nothing answer so he again asked “Will it change the temperature of the planet?”
She waffled on about global solutions but again did not answer the question.

Any-one out there who is wavering, join us on Thursday. Let the pollies and the people see the groundswell of opposition to this disastrous, useless tax. As Barnaby said on Meet the Press this morning, do you want to pay $100 dollars for the family roast?