Friday, 24 July 2009

Protest against the ETS in Canberra Aug 13th

Protest against the ETS in Canberra Aug 13th

If you are concerned the Emissions Trading Legislation being voted on in Canberra on 13th Aug will not have any effect on climate and in fact be a waste of money, then please join us.

We are organising a protest against the ETS on Aug 13th in front of Parliament house. We will assemble at 9.30 am on Federation Mall behind Old Parliament House, (At 9.30am you will see a few banners being put together on the lawns)

We then march up to the precinct in front of Parliament House and hear speeches, limericks and songs from 10 am to 11 am and organise a publicity stunt involving Balloons finishing around 11 am.

The theme will be "Man Made Climate Change is Bull" and a quiet bull is being organised to be at the event. Bring a Placard or two in line with the theme. Barnaby Joyce will be one of the speakers.

The ETS vote is expected to be in the afternoon and some of us plan to be in the chamber for the vote. 3 of our 5 Executive members will be at the protest and we hope to meet everyone properly afterwards in one of the cafes in Parliament house.

For anyone travelling let us know if you need accommodation.

For More Info email or phone 0887235550

This legislation could end up being the all time worst legislation ever in Australia's history and it will be good to have as many people saying so before it gets voted on.