Thursday, 17 December 2009

Vegetarian mafia descend on Copenhagen

Lucy Knight writes (17/12) in Qld Country Life:

THEY'RE waiting for unwitting passengers stepping off the train and heading for the climate talks - the vegetarian mafia thinking they can solve the world's pollution problems by turning everyone off meat.

Funny little people, often dressed as chooks or cows (or last night, a prawn) and are everywhere handing out show bags full of paraphernalia espousing a veg-filled, meat-free diet. They claim western diets need to be re-thought because emissions from livestock are killing the planet.

They say livestock emissions are the most potent source of greenhouse gasses, arguing livestock produces more greenhouse gases than the world's transport sector.

These funny little people should read DR Gerrit van der Lingen's paper published on the NZ Climate Science Coalition Web-site.

Dr Lingen explains why emissions of methane from cattle and sheep should not be part of any emissions trading system. According to MAF, 98.7% of agricultural methane comes from ruminant enteric fermentation, released by burping; and is part of a natural closed loop that has nothing to do with fossil sequestered carbon.

Even Alarmist Tim Flannery, as Lucy Knight points out
, "debunked a lot of the common arguments used against livestock in the carbon and climate debate at an environmental forum in Sydney."

And, if we don't eat the cattle, what would happen then?

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