Saturday, 19 December 2009

YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED! Department of Climate Change response to Climate Sceptics Party television advertisements

The Government has responded to our ads:

Can carbon dioxide cause dangerous climate change? YES

Well, actually, that is an unproven hypothesis and the IPCC themselves say that, after 20 years, they have no proof. The Department of Climate Change should not make sweeping statements without supporting data or peer-reviewed papers. They should put up or shut up.

They say:

Miskolczi’s paper was not published in a high impact peer-reviewed journal.

The leaked ClimateGate e-mails show how hard the Gorians worked to suppress papers that didn't support the unproven hypothesis of man-made CO2 emissions causing global warming.

It happened in the case of Ferenc Miskolczi's paper as well.


Some years ago this Hungarian physicist, then working for NASA, discovered a flaw in how those constructing the IPCC climate models deal with the issue of the atmosphere’s boundary conditions. In order to progress this research Dr Miskolczi eventually resigned from NASA claiming his supervisors at NASA tried to suppress discussion and publication of his findings which have since been published in IDŐJÁRÁS, The Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service.

Miskolczi's paper has been out there since May, 2007 (and obviously the Department of Climate Change and our Chief Denier- sorry Chief Scientist are aware of it) and yet there has been NO published peer rebuttal of the paper.

It seems a little petty to go through all the Department's errors, but they say:

Since the start of the industrial era greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have increased in response to humans burning fossil fuels. As a result, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now higher than at any time during the last 800,000 years (at 385 parts per million in 2008).

Well, if we look at the mid 1940's to the mid 1970's, CO2 increased at a regularly increasing rate whilst temperatures plummeted. So much so that Time and NewsWeek had featured articles suggesting we were heading for another ice age. Were we being conned then? I know we are now!

UPDATE: See next post - Responses by Dr Miskolczi andd Dr Zagoni


  1. What an absolute pack of lies; Miskolczi has been verified by measurements of optical depth for the last 60 years; he has been verified by Lindzen’s analysis of ERBE data which shows, in contradiction to the AGMs, that outgoing long-wave radiation leaving the Earth from the top of the atmosphere is increasing; he has been verified by Paltridge’s work on atmospheric levels of specific humidity which finds levels of humidity which are lower than required by AGW; he has been verified by Spencer and Braswell’s work with clouds which shows both a much lower climate sensitivity than AGW theory and that clouds are a negative feedback; this in turn has been verified by Ramanathan et al, and the Bretherton low level cloud climate sensitivity studies amongst others.

  2. I haven't read so much hocum since MAD magazine, you guys are funny. What do you reckon happens when you re-constitute 300,000,000 year old carbon into the atmosphere (ie coal)? Duh!

    The adolescent tit for tat (you should read this then that), supports the my view, the sceptics are no nonsense literalists and all the weaker for it. What are you scared of? Why can't you admit that humans effect the world? Does it offend your religion? I just don't get it, your arguments don't make sense and read like school yard polemics.


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