The ETS - a consumption tax on everything

I was thinking the other day about the ETS. In case you don't know, it stands for Emissions Trading System - although it has been called, inter alia, Extra Tax Syphoning. It's meant to be the action section of the CPRS. So what's CPRS, you say?

Well, it's the highly deceptively named Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. So, why deceptive, you say? Well, the carbon refered to is actually Carbon Dioxide - CO2.

Carbon is used deceptively to make you think of black sooty coal. Do you know that Diamonds are almost pure carbon. Do you know that CO2 is colourless, tasteless and vitally essential to life? Why do the Newspapers and the TV show water vapour or steam coming from cooling towers when the talk about CO2 pollution?

So pollution?

Well, what is atmospheric pollution? From the NSW Government Department of Health: Air pollution occurs when the air is affected by chemicals or particles that are not normally present and have the potential to affect health.

Carbon Dioxide is definitely normally present in air. As to the potential to affect health, well. yes, it does, but beneficially.

I was thinking: "Do these clowns think?" Does Malcolm Turnbull think? Does Penny Wong think?
Even if you accept the "CO2 causes global warming" hypothesis; how can a tax on Carbon Dioxide reduce atmospheric CO2.

In the old days, budget day headlines were inevitably "Beer UP! Cigs UP!"

However, some clever pollies decided to CPI the tax on alcohol and tobacco and so, every three months there is a sneaky tax grab and you go to the lifeline sorry grog shop and find that there has been a hike in your favourite tipple. You shrug and buy it! Smokers must find the same thing.

I normally buy quality wines - 10 years ago at $9 a bottle! and to give you an idea, here's what's happen to my quality wine.

Date CPI Price
Mar-99 121.8 $9
Mar-00 125.2 $9.25
Mar-01 132.7 $9.81
Mar-02 136.6 $10.09
Mar-03 141.3 $10.44
Mar-04 144.1 $10.65
Mar-05 147.5 $10.90
Mar-06 151.9 $11.22
Mar-07 155.6 $11.50
Mar-08 162.2 $11.99
Mar-09 166.2 $12.28

So, I still buy my tipple. Why wIll the ETS - a consumption tax on almost everything - reduce CO2 emissions?

The alcopops tax farce proved that the tax did little to reduce usage - just made some people smarter - a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Fanta - instant alcopop!

Even if you believe in AGW, why push a tax?