Climate Cools for Global Warming Party.

From Viv Forbes' Carbon Sense: CS 90913, Sept 09

Climate Cools for Global Warming Party.

For years we have watched in wonder and disbelief as this global warming party got into full swing:

First came the party-planning committees from among the old reds and greens in Greenpeace, WWF, Sierra and their various Fabian friends.

Then they created the party bureaucracy with its own impressively named exclusive club, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Then they extracted the money from parent governments for the recruitment of academics to produce the supporting literature.

Then came the promotion group tours to various hardship locations like Rio, Kyoto, Bali, Geneva and Paris.

Finally we are approaching the big party itself, planned for Copenhagen in December 2009 with all parent governments invited. The highlight planned for the December party is the birth of “Son of Kyoto”, to be named “Copenhagen”. The plan is to get all parent governments so excited that they will participate in a mass adoption ceremony, pledging eternal parental support for “Copenhagen”.

Our job is to make sure Australia (and USA and NZ) sign nothing in December so that “Copenhagen” does not sponge on us but stays with his parents in Old Europe where he was conceived.

Thankfully there are signs that, at last, the public is getting sick of supporting this never ending party:

In Britain, a recent poll found (Daily Express, 11 Sept 09):
50% believe the media is too alarmist.
29% believe evidence linking human activity and global warming has been exaggerated (this figure has doubled since 2003).
20% totally reject the idea that human activity impacts global warming and believe that temperature is controlled by natural processes.

In France, a recent poll showed that 66% opposed Sarkozy’s carbon tax.

Party poopers are even appearing in the IPCC alarmist camp:

IPCC Author Concedes Cooling

“Prof. Latif is one of the leading climate modellers in the world. He is the recipient of several international climate-study prizes and a lead author for the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He has contributed significantly to the IPCC's last two five-year reports that have stated unequivocally that man-made greenhouse emissions are causing the planet to warm dangerously.

“Yet last week in Geneva, at the UN's World Climate Conference -- an annual gathering of the so-called "scientific consensus" on man-made climate change -- Prof. Latif conceded the Earth has not warmed for nearly a decade and that we are likely entering "one or even two decades during which temperatures cool."

“..... Latif and the others state with certainty that after this long and unforeseen cooling, dangerous man-made heating will resume? They failed to observe the current cooling for years after it had begun, how then can their predictions for the resumption of dangerous warming be trusted?”

Lorne Gunter in the National Post,
reported in CCNet 140/2009 – 12 September 2009

There are also many signs that we are at or past the peak of the most recent phase of natural global warming, with an increasing number of scientists now saying that the sun, via oceans and clouds, controls earth’s temperatures.

See also a new news forum that will focus on Climate Realism at:

We must keep the pressure on all politicians to reject or defer the deceptively labelled Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme being pushed by the Rudd government – it is just another discredited Ration-N-Tax Scheme.

The Media release below highlights one more perverse consequence of the scheme. Please spread it around.

Remember the Pledge: “The RAT Scheme must be rejected” (in Australia, USA and NZ).