Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Berserk Alarmists ban Hot Dogs.

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I am a junk food advocate. I LUV my hot dogs. My fridge also has a few frankfurters in the door.

Now, the clowns from Alarmists Central want to, or at least are considering, banning HOT DOGS And Other Processed Meats Over Climate Change.

This report is from New York: Daily Wire.

Radio station Z100 reports that Mayor Bill de Blaiso signed into law New York's own version of the "Green New Deal" last week, and part of the NYC GND involves teaching New Yorkers to make healthy, environmentally friendly food choices by banning specific, "problematic" dishes from city menus.
Gee, is nothing sacred? HOT DOGS? Is there anything that these deluded alarmists will 

consider safe?

Will they want to ban Mickey and Minnie next?

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  1. How are hot dogs going to affect climate change? Does deBlasio even know what goes into them?


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