Sunday, 10 September 2017

Australia’s Electricity is controlled by AGL

Anthony Cox

Andrew Vesey is head of one of Australia’s biggest electricity producers and retailers, AGL. AGL bought Liddell and Bayswater coal fired power stations in 2014 before Vesey became the CEO of AGL. NSW ALP initiated this sale and it was completed by Baird’s Coalition government against the strong advice of Australia’s corporate watchdog, the ACCC which stated:
There would be ''significant detriment'' if AGL's proposed purchase of the country's largest power generator, Macquarie Generation, proceeds while public benefits would be ''small'', competition watchdog, the ACCC has warned.
However, the sale went ahead for $1.5 billion. At the time and still, Liddell and Bayswater supplied over 40% of NSW’s electricity. To replace these 2 world class power stations would cost $7-8 billion.

Subsequent to the purchase of Liddell and Bayswater Vesey purchased Loy Yang  - A power station in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria. Loy Yang A is Australia’s biggest power station at 3300 MW of installed capacity compared to the 4600 MW of installed capacity at Liddell and Bayswater.

If these 3 coal fired power stations were closed the States of NSW, Victoria and South Australia would be blacked out. So what does Vesey propose to do? Vesey has a green activist background, he believes in alarmism, that human emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuel are damaging the climate. He has surrounded himself with other green activists like Skye Laris, a former member of Get Up and ALP staffer and current partner of prominent ALP member and alarmist, Tony Burke:
Other members of Vesey’s team include Tony Chappel who is a graduate of Gore’s Climate Reality Project:

So, given all this why wouldn’t Vesey declare AGL is getting out of coal, will be closing Liddell and Bayswater in 2022 and 2035 respectively and that the future power needs of Australia will be met by solar and wind? And you can bet your bottom dollar and last candle Vesey will have the closure of Loy Yang A also on the drawing board.

Aiding and abetting this plan by Vesey is the government’s Large Scale Renewable Energy certificate plan. Basically, this plan allows wind and solar plants to issue renewable energy certificates which coal fired power plants have to buy. 26 million of these certificates at $85 each will be issued this year alone for a total cost of nearly $2.25 BILLION which the coal companies have to buy and pass on the cost to electricity consumers. $2.25 BILLION before they can charge anything for their power and which every electricity user has to pay before they pay for real power provided by coal power plants.

Why real power because the renewables can issue these certificates based on their installed capacity NOT what they actually produce. Dr Michael Crawford has done an analysis of this grotesque and wasteful scheme and an analysis of how other overseas carpetbaggers owning solar and wind farms profit from Australian electricity consumers shows those carpet baggers receive a return on investment of 900%! With 90% of the cost of the project coming directly from subsidies provided by the Australian taxpayer!

A study in 2012 showed Australia’s wind farms produce NO power for nearly 40% of the time. Solar is worse since the sun sets for 50% of the time and clouds interfere with their production of electricity. Neither wind or solar can supply base load or peaking power. Australia’s electricity is amongst the most expensive in the world:

The world has spent $1.8 TRILLION on renewables with total world electricity from wind and solar still only 2%:

Australia has already wasted 10’s of billions on renewables and if Shorten wins the next election will waste another $100 billion at least. Vesey is already up to his neck in these taxpayer funded subsidies with $3 billion in a green energy fund and subsidies for the joke of clean coal. Vesey is on a $6.9 million PA salary package with either Turnbull or Shorten likely to dish out more. What does he care if the average punter can’t afford electricity or blackouts will occur and the nation is heading for an economic cliff courtesy of electricity prices and shortages. Vesey can smile because the joke is on us:

The next time you look at your electricity bill remember that face.


  1. Thanks Tony Cox for that 'Laymans Guide' to the unmitigated energy crises that's been brewing for years. Despite all the forewarnings, it's now upon us, driven by demonization of CO2 - which might make sense IF there were EMPIRICAL evidence proving the claims that CO2 is a 'pollutant' & the primary driver of so called global warming were true - but there isn’t!

    Not even in any of the five UN IPCC Assessment Reports! It’s all still just a theory. And there’s no shortage of peer review Papers reinforcing that.

    And I wonder how many know that the *InterAcademy Council (the worlds top independent science body), in it’s investigation into the Processes & Procedures of the UN IPCC (stimulated by the ClimateGate controversy) found, in their Oct 2010 Report, the UN IPCC to be wanting in five key areas;

    1. Conflict of Interest
    2. Political Interference
    3. Bias
    4. Poor treatment of Uncertainty, &
    5. Management Shortcomings

    Not what I would have thought a glowing commendation for an organisation said to represent the gold standard of, and committed to, scientific integrity.

    Even Australia’s own Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, in response to a question raised by Senator Ian MacDonald in recent (June 2017) Senate hearings, concedes that “If we were to reduce the World’s emissions of carbon by Australia’s (just 1.3%), what impact would that make on the changing climate of the World?” Dr Finkel’s response: “Virtually nothing.” VIRTUALLY NOTHING??

    Yet, Australia spends some $A3Billion annually in favour of the RET when global competitors & major CO2 ‘emitters’ will not do so until 2030, if at all!

    Meantime, our economy heads, Lemming like, over the economic precipice in response to growing hysteria generated by the lunatic Left & ‘Greenwash’, demonizing an invisible, miniscule trace atmospheric gas necessary for life of earth… for “Virtually Nothing!”

    What sort of madness is this!

    If Turnbull hopes to succeed at the next Federal Election the LNP will need to:

    • Dump the RET & all like tax related financial impositions on energy providers,

    • Remove ALL subsidies (e.g. Solar PV etc),

    • Repeal the Direct Action Plan & associated Safeguard Mechanism legislation.

    • Restructure our energy policy so ALL energy suppliers (be they traditional fossil fuel and/or the 'renewables') compete on a level playing field for a common wholesale price,

    • Specify a minimum QOS standard that ALL power generators (fossil and/or renewables) must meet (eg 99.5% availability), otherwise substantial financial penalties apply!

    • Provide energy companies with the certainty & ability to decide upon what ever energy source they chose to base their power generation upon - including coal fired power stations if that's their choice/motivation, driven entirely by normal commercial, market driven forces; not inept government interference in favour of Green Alarmist scaremongering over an invisible, miniscule atmospheric gas (CO2) necessary for life on earth!!

    Market forces (real competition) will then sort out the wheat from the chaff!

    1. Marathon,
      These people are not as stupid or as foolish as (too) many think they are. They all KNOW that these 'renewables' are unreliable, in fact are totally USELESS, DON'T WORK and KNOW that they CANNOT EVER produce reliable base load electricity, which of course is ESSENTIAL for industry, thus an industrialised society such as Australia, in fact for all Western society nations. And that's exactly why they're embracing the (useless) 12th century 'technology'.

      You need to understand that this demonization of fossil fuel and of CO2 is merely a smoke screen (pun intended) to hide their real communist agenda.
      Being devout Socialists and globalists, their true enemy is CAPITALISM.
      They are using this climate change or glow-bull warming scam as a reason (an excuse), to firstly: destroy global capitalism, then introduce a UN based global SOCIALIST one-world government, where they will be able to control everything we do, including what we'll be allowed to say and even how we'll be allowed to think! (You've no doubt noticed the legislative creep, based on PC dogma, especially over the past 2 decades i.e SSM)?
      It's a HUGE UN social re-engineering project and none of it is for the benefit of humanity either.

      I used to think this was all just another 'conspiracy theory', but sadly after this scam took away my livelihood in 2012, via Gillard's carbon tax (she lied about pre-election in 2010), I know firsthand that it is a massive hoax hiding an evil misanthropic scam, so I know it's very real and I most sincerely wished it was only a conspiracy theory..

      Mere common sense alone tells me that something's going on and it sure as heck isn't about 'saving the planet'...
      More like CONTROLLING every living human being that resides on said planet.

      Read more here:

      And here:

      What's most difficult to understand about this whole wicked scam is firstly: how many supposedly intelligent adult people (voters) have swallowed this nonsense scare-campaign about an invented non-problem, when it's so obvious that it is a scam, but secondly: how so many that DO know what's going on, do absolutely NOTHING about it - just sit back like stunned mullets and watch our great civilisation being progressively destroyed, before their eyes!
      It's quite disturbing how afraid - 'scared' people are of the worthless loony left socialist indoctrinated morons that are so shamelessly propagating this society destroying hoax.

    2. Well said Alan -I share your views. The Greenwash has indeed infected the minds of the gullible & reaches well into all levels of bureaucracy. The challenge therefore is finding the necessary antidote on how to 'disinfect' it. I know. Easier said than done. The tried & true 'scientific method' has been abandoned & politics now rules.

      Thus I'm drawn to the one inevitable conclusion - that we've got to secure the high ground politically at future elections.

      The only political party's that appear to have sensible policies re the CAGW debate IMHO would seem to be The Australian Conservatives, One Nation & the LDP.

      Your views?

    3. My views only mirror yours Marathon, I just LOVE Cory Bernardi, however the average socialist indoctrinated voter (especially those under 40 years old - the hopelessly and irreversibly green kool-aid addicted; only see him (and us) as evil 'deniers'..
      The propaganda and scaremongering spread by Globalist in Chief George Soros used for propagating the lies this scam is founded on, would make world class propagandists such as Joseph Goebbels turn in his grave (with enraged envy).

      As in the past, dissent against the dominant narrative is seen as heresy thus forbidden. Soon it will be governed and punished under strict thought crime laws, where people like us will not be allowed to voice any dissenting views, or even question the (pseudo) 'science'.
      The globalist scammers have literally trillions of dollars to lose, plus any hope of achieving their ultimate goal of controlling the masses from their UN based totalitarian New World Order (Socialist one-world government). The NWO that the trillions being fraudulently obtained from tax payers in the name of 'saving the planet' are being used to fund and set up.

      However, history suggests as in previous attempts at Socialist takeovers, it will eventually kill itself when even the brainwashed believers will finally realise how they've been conned and USED by these evil tyrants to support their evil humanity loathing ideology and agenda.

      The bottom line is that NOBODY in today's industrialised (capitalist) Western society could possibly survive in a world without electricity and the numerous other benefits that fossil fuel based energy has facilitated and that everyone, including the hopelessly brainwashed, virtue signalling hypocritical greenies, take for granted.

    4. We're on the same frequency Alan. If you happen to be Sydney based you're on a standing invitation to join me (Jim Simpson) et others of like mind most Thursday evenings at the Barnwell Park Golf Club, 551 Lyons Rd West, Five Dock where I'm the Convenor for;

      The Climate Realists of Five Dock
      “De Omnibus Dubitandum” – Question Everything!
      Join us for dinner at Barnwell Park Golf Club most Thursdays from 6:30pm
      551 Lyons Road West, Five Dock NSW 2046
      Sydney, Australia
      Mobile: +61 (0)417 285 884

      Celebrate CO2! There should be more of it.

      We occasionally have guest speakers along relevant to the CAGW scam.

      Cheers'nBeers, Jim

    5. Thanks Jim, but unfortunately I don't even live in NSW let alone Sydney, thus not really able to join you there. I live in North Queensland in a small town that was the victim of a direct hit from severe tropical cyclone Debbie back in March and my house is still in the process of repair / restoration.
      Needless to say, cyclones are a sad, albeit only occasional fact of life in this part of the world and despite the wishes and beliefs of (far too) many, are NOT caused by Catastrophic Anthropogenic Glow-bull Warming.
      However, I have been a direct victim of the CAGW / climate change scam when I and 65 colleagues were all made redundant when the coal fired power station we were all happily employed by, had to close in October 2012 owing to the carbon tax, Australia's first female Prime Minister promised pre-election in 2010, would never be introduced. (Couldn't sell our power with that hefty tax added to the MWh price).
      So you might now have some idea as to why I know what a misanthropic, Socialist SCAM the entire CAGW hoax is. As far as I'm concerned it is an act of treason and will soon evolve into genocide if we don't stand up to the globalists behind it.
      Eventually EVERYONE in Australia will become similar victims to the scam as we were in 2012 and I hope a major revolt against the globalists and their brainwashed useful idiots ('greenies') promoting their totalitarian ideology will be overthrown and our country might one day be restored to the great society it once was, before these humanity loathing loonies were given free reign to progressively destroy it.
      These bigots hate capitalism because it allows people to achieve their dreams and above all, it gives us FREEDOM to make our dreams reality. So they want to destroy our industrialised, capitalist society. They want everyone to be equally poor and equally hopeless while under the direct control of their unelected, UN based totalitarian global Socialist dictatorship.
      OK, end of rant.

      I just came across an interesting little presentation last night that most people will never know about let alone see, yet from what the narrator tells us, it's all there in google for everyone to find and see for themselves.

      (He has quite a few others too).

    6. OK - Thanks for that background Alan. We're definitely on the same frequency. I've taken the liberty of copying in (via email) a colleague who lives in your 'patch' and is 'active' in fighting this nonsense. You never know, there maybe merit in you & Peter 'C' getting to know one another better!! Cheers'nBeers, Jim.

  2. Very difficult to abide by your policy of respecting all views when I see the leaders of Australia supporting anti-humanistic energy policies for no benefit to mankind whatsoever, merely in order to signal their own virtue to their own ilk.


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