The Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme

Following on from Terry Cardwell's post THE COMING POWER CRISIS (link)

Snowy Hydro Electric SchemeImage: modernmarvels 

Terry Cardwell
The Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme is the greatest power scheme in Australia but it is limited by the availability of water.

For that reason, we must use it at the most necessary times such as peak loads or emergencies.

Without the Snowy Hydro ‘topup’ they would have to build more thermal or gas turbine generators to cover the peaks and more important the spinning reserve.

The Snowy power allows more flexibility and the generators can be run up, remotely from zero to full load in 2 minutes.

A gas turbine can be run up quickly too but not as quick as that and is more
expensive to run. Far more if you consider the water ‘normally’ comes free.

When the water runs down to the lower dams it can be pumped back up but uses 25% more power. The power is supplied from the coal-fired thermal generators such as Bayswater, Eraring, Liddell, etc. when they are at lower load time early in the morning e.g. midnight to 4 or 5 a.m. when system load starts to increase.

By doing this the units are higher in load where they are more efficient thus offsetting the cost of 25% and reduces it when all is taken into consideration to a much lower figure.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact amount because it depends on the unit supplying the power.

If you want me to guess I would say as low as 15% cost maybe more.

What Turnbull did not say is that the power he is storing comes from Coal Fired Thermal power stations.!!!!!!!!!

As much as the Greens Communist want to close them down, WITHOUT THEM AUSTRALIA IS DEAD. Which is what the Greens want.

Malcolm Turnbull’s plan is not that great. He is creating a storage of 2500MWs of water which is 12 hours of power for a 200MW hydro generator.

With that amount of money he could build the best 4 x 660MWs, total 2640MW, power station generating non-stop 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for the next 50 years.

He is trying to buy off the Communists Greens without consideration for our future.

I'm not even sure we need ‘more storage.’ The Snowy has the capacity to hold it all.

Also, people need to realise that the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme is a by-product of the overall plan which was to take all that water running to the sea and turn it inland for irrigation of our agriculture and cattle industries. Of course, the Snowy has paid for itself many many times over.

Remember there must ALWAYS be water flowing down both the rivers to the sea and the inland rivers. That why the water is limited.

All The Best,

Terry Cardwell