Public Forum On The Climate Data

Tonight in Parliament House, Canberra, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts hosted a public forum to reveal the data behind the so-called man-made global warming scare or more correctly the huge anthropogenic global warming fraud.

Peter Bobroff AM with Senator Roberts
Peter Bobroff presented many graphs ranging from short term to eons long. I think Peter could have gone on for weeks with all his accumulated data.

Bill Johnson then followed with the quality of data collected by the BoM, showing flaws with
Stevenson screens.

Dr Johnston is a retired NSW Department of Natural Resources research scientist. With colleagues he undertook weather observations for over a decade from 1971, and has had a life-long interest in interpreting climate data  and the integrity of science generally. (H/t Des Moore)

Dr. Howard Brady with Senator Robert's Chief of Staff Leon Ashby.

Dr. Howard Brady, author of Mirrors and Mazes, then addressed the forum. Dr. Brady showed how all the climate models are running on steroids.

The upshot of the forum was that there is nothing unusual going on with temperature; using the alarmists' data sets, there is nothing unprecedented. The AGW hoax is busted.

See for yourself the empirical data presented in this video of the evening.